Simple Day Trading Strategy: **Atomic Stocks**

Simple Day Trading Strategy: Atomic Stocks

Today I want to tell you the Atomic Stocks trading strategy.

I try to do the same thing every day, and I am looking for securities that opened with a gap of more than 4%. Since the markets are very often traded randomly and are in a state of uncertainty and instability, I try to bet on the unexpected, on strong news and try to play on this market movement.

It’s the same thing every day. Repetition is what makes us so good at these strategies. Discipline is what makes us profitable.

To trade the Atomic stocks strategy, I use a free US market premarket scanner.

After I found interesting shares in which a significant volume passed, I analyze the news and try to find a powerful news driver that can push this security even higher in the American session.

To search for news, I use the sites Investing, StockTwits, Benzinga.

I try to find profitable trades before the market opens, usually half an hour after the opening of the London session, when there are no Predatory algorithms on the market yet and when large US players have not yet entered the market. At this time, stocks on the premarket can still grow by 10-100% during the day.

I use simple factors for selection:

  1. Stocks opened with a gap of more than 4%

  2. News driver (corporate news, company profits, etc.)

  3. The presence of a Pattern (Breakout of Consolidation or Buy on dips above the VWAP level, or the presence of strong purchases Momentum trade)

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