Simple EURUSD EA based on High Low

deeply involved with EA latest trading development. basic strategies are based on daily high low.
and here’s Forward Tested performance for last month test, and I’ll keep update the daily entry position.
overall result :

today entries, actually the ea would place both buy stop and sell stop each day. but today last sell order are already hit.

updated today entry level, there’s small gap on today’s EU open price, at least 2 orders should hit today.

have a nice trading weeks.

I’m interested in your system. Please contact me.


Hi ontario… Looks like nice results-- are you going to talk about your system? Would love to hear about what is going on … :slight_smile:

thank’s for your concern Eddie and fx805. the truth I’m still awaits for my coder to put minor modification upon ea code. so what’s the method of these current trading system, it’s quite simple just as the title said : based on high-low at EURUSD pair. the probability of EURUSD hit the high-low daily price are nearly 80% (not based on guessing, it’s comes from simple math calculation based on daily market price). have a check on daily chart, almost each day EURUSD price would hit either high or low latest daily hi-lo price. the bad thing is, it required tight stop loss, 3 pips only (30 pips on 5 digit brokers). that’s why I used Tickmill ECN platform which offer 0 pips stop order/level, which appear a very good advantage when it comes to tight stop loss entry transaction.
first of all, I put these thread at the wrong place, it should be at traders journal subforum. so, I already put another trading journal, quite similar to these. have a check at :

If this is your first EA you are developing be very patient. There will be probably be more tweaks long the line. Most EA’s that do work and are not for sale (obviously) took several years to develop and test with a live account under different market conditions. I am not saying it will take you years but be very, very patient. Good luck.

Hi ontario. How’s the EA going, can u share it? Im also trading with high low strategy but manually. Its better with EA :grinning:. Thanks