Simple GBP/JPY Buy in my fresh 100$ demo account

Very nice BUY setup!!!
So I noticed that the major trend was bearish on GBPJPY
But that being said…I still saw a short-term buy opportunity and waited for a signal

As you can see in the picture, there was a very sweet area of confluence:
1-Inverse head and shoulders pattern was formed already
2-We were in a range between the support and resistance (though we had a fakeout)
3-Trend line was formed and confirmed with 3 taps
4-The large grey zone area was a DAILY support which we tapped and closed back above it yesterday and the closed candle was a doji with the current candle forming a strong bullish

After all these confirmations, I waited for the price to break the range and even break the high which was formed previously, so I set a “buy stop” order above the 1-hour most recent high at 150.150 with 50 pips TP & 50 pips SL (1:1 RRR)
Moments later my order got activated and as soon as the price moved higher, I lowered my SL to 30 pips and let price do its thing and voila!
Overall result: +50pips (+4.53%)

P.S: GBPJPY is still going higher (+120 pips currently from my initial opening price) but remember DON’T BE GREEDY and take your portion out of the market as your planned :slight_smile:

Oooh that’s very nice! I wish I’d seen this earlier today!

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There are always new opportunities in the market :wink:

Verry good

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