Simple GBPUSD Strategy (No Indicator Needed)

What is 21:00 PM (GMT) to 08:00 AM (GMT converted to EST?

4 gmt converted to EST is ?


11PM to 8AM.

This is a free strategy.
I am educating it, I don’t want to make money by selling my strategy or EA.
the strategy may work some times or may not work for weeks (like recent 3 weeks).

This strategy is profitable in trending market.

This a simple strategy and everyone can do it. The monthly results are good.

I am working on combination this strategy with a money management system.

Everyone may help me to make this strategy more profitable.

Dear ChekDavid

I am trading this strategy on a 3000$ real account with 5% risk on each trade.

This strategy is in test stage on real money.
I have tested this on demo for 2 mouths and the results were nice.
everyone may go back on chart and test the past results.
also I am updating recent results on post #3 in this thread.

But also I use some other strategies and Expert Advisors for making money.

It’s nice for me to share my experience with others.

You should leave all previous positions open.
And add another pending order for new day.

In this strategy you should leave active trades open till touching T/P or S/L.
And you should delete pending orders the next day at 8 GMT.

Okay, gotcha. Now that makes more sense to me! :slight_smile: Thanks!

As I said before I am completing this strategy.
I am working on a better S/L like new Highest High or Lowest Low.
And also on best trailing stop points.

But some days the price goes near the S/L and comes back and touches T/P.
this is not a scalp strategy.
this is a daily one.
We should see the final results on some months even years.

(EST) = GMT+5

so 21:00 PM (GMT) to 08:00 AM (GMT)
is 02:00 AM (EST) to 13:00 PM (EST)

I think you are wrong, 09:00 PM (GMT) to 08:00 AM (GMT) is 05:00 PM (EDT) to 04:00 AM (EDT). Use google with gmt to est convert.

Thanks melodica! And have a look at mail box.

Is not EST=GMT+5 ?
I am not sure.

Is it +7?
so you are true

During summer in London BST time is used and it is GMT+1, from October 31 it is going to GMT time.
In New York during summer EDT time is used and it is GMT-4, from November 7 it is going to EST (GMT-5).
In Tokio JST time zone is used all year and it is GMT+9.

Would you be interested in trading other people’s funds?

Don’t you think you should test this formula out yourself before jumping into it head first?

He didn’t mean his funds :smiley: Just joking.

Doing some demo trading from yesterday. Currently two position opened. Long and short. Am I right ?

Yes two positions should be opened, but if broker does not allowed hedging this is another story…

I’m on Tadawul Demo. They say they allow hedging on live.

Hey buddy

What has been your average gain per month risking 5%?

Am I right by saying that this system doesnt effected by a trend? I mean, the system does not require a trend to perform right?

And relating to the trailing stop issue, I think the T/S should be (Maximum price - Minimum price) / 2 or maye 3 but I think to devide is by 2 is logical, what do you think?