Simple GBPUSD Strategy (No Indicator Needed)

I replied your email. please check.

Dear CheckDavid

Do you mean trading based on this strategy?
I have published this strategy for free.
Why don’t you use it yourself?

Also I will introduce some other simple and profitable strategies soon.

Although I am trading for my friends.

But about your case, We should talk about details.

Excuse me plasticjack, What do you exactly mean?

Sure, If a broker does not allow hedging, it’s better that you close your account and open a new account with a nice broker.

Most of the best brokers in the world allow hedging.
The market maker and bad brokers usually don’t allow hedging and scalping.

It’s about
36% in June
31% in July
-1% in August (1st to 13th)

thanks for your suggestions

I have tested this strategy by GBPUSD data since 2008.
By the default settings which I explained on post #1, this strategy makes an average profit about 600 pips per month.
Every one may test it himself by looking the chart in the past.

You are almost true that this strategy is better on trending market.
But since 2008 the market have had different situations.
So the result shows that this is a profitable strategy.
Some months we may make more money and some months less.
But the final result is satisfiable.

Most of the traders look at the chart day and night on different pairs.
They trade and trade again.
But they loose at the end of the month.

This strategy is mechanical and so simple and needs just some minutes to set pending orders on a distinct time.

[B]But about trailing stop:[/B]
Your suggestion look like good.
But we should test it in the past, If it made our strategy more profitable, then we may use it as a rule in the strategy.

I will use trailing stop option on Expert Advisor for this strategy.
Then we can have he fast back test by different setting of trailing stop.

I Checked this system on previous chars in some weeks and its working surprisly well.
I know it doesnt belong here, but can you explain how you make the Expert Adviser ? maybe on PM or email me if not here.

Thnaks !

does anyone have similar [B]profitable[/B] strategy for other pairs?

OK, I’m a little confused. Are you saying that you enter two limit orders (a buy at max + 2 pips, a sell at min - 2 pips)?

Two “stop” orders, and yes your explanetion was right -
(a buy at max + 2 pips, a sell at min - 2 pips).

Two “stop” orders, and yes your explanetion was right -
(a buy at max + 2 pips, a sell at min - 2 pips).

Edited : Sry for the double post… =

And that constitutes hedging? I thought you had to have conflicting orders that were both actually opened to have hedging.

Yes, hedging is when you have both BUY and SELL orders [B]OPENED[/B]. If you have pending orders this is not hedging.
With this strategy hedging may happend when for example previous day long order is still opened and price falls down to today pending order for sell.
This has happend on 16 and 17 avgust. On 16 avgust we have pending order BuyStop somewhere around 1.5645. It triggered but did not hit TP or SL. Next day we have pending order SellStop somewhere around 1.5625 and this is hedging when both BUY and SELL orders are opened at the same time.

I see. So if you modify the strategy to shrink the SL a bit, you shouldn’t run the risk of having hedged positions open, right?

Yes possibility is smaller but it can happen anyway.

On days this where there was a big run overnight and say it dosnt trigger a trade.
do you leave the orders on the table or remove them before tommorrows are set?

Read post #26.


Once again, the exact timing of this breakout box strategy is confusing because we have mention of a few conflicting times for the beginning and ending of the box. Does anyone have the correct handle on this? BTW, I am in Wisconsin where we are in CDT (Central Daylight time). Please don’t convert to EST, because we won’t know if you mean Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time. Please state EDT if that’s what you mean.

Please and thank you!

What do you mean: "how you make the Expert Adviser ?"
A programmer can make an Expert Advisor base on a strategy

[QUOTE= Originally Posted by 01005379 View Post
Yes two positions should be opened, but if broker does not allowed hedging this is another story…[/QUOTE]

You are true.

But It does not trade a buy and a sell at the same time for one day.

For example you set two pending order for today.
the strategy will active buy stop position.
The price comes back and touches S/L before the next day.
Then the sell stop order will be activated at the same day.
So you don’t have a buy and a sell position at the same time.

But in some days the trade does not touch t/p or s/l at the same day.
The next day you should open new positions.
Now if the previous and new trade are opposite (Buy & Sell) your broker should let you hedging.