Simple GBPUSD Strategy (No Indicator Needed)

That’s the point.

Anyway does anyone know something that will place pending orders automaticly?

Yea, its called Expert Advisert. google it.

EA will actually open orders and your computer has to be on 24 hours to modify order and other stuff. I need something that just place orders. Maybe indicator or script.

This is very good strategy but it could be even better if you turn your brain just a little bit, like today. Today’s loss on short could have been avoided if you just moved S/L one minute before Retail Sales news to break-even. What do you think Melodica ?

Will see what will happen with buy position, but I think will pass.

I have a program that will do this without utilizing the broker’s limit order system, but I still have to have my computer running. But I’m not sharing :slight_smile:

There is no need for smiley. Imagine Melodica said: “I have a strategy which makes 600 pips monthly in average, but I’m not sharing :)”

Ha! I’m building my own trading platform, you think I would just hand it out for free? I’ve put hundreds of hours into it.

It seems you didn’t understand what I’m saying, but never mind, other forum members will.

Likewise .

Except that it’s not an Expert. Far from it.

What is it then?

True, but this system is simple enough that it could easily be coded into an EA.

When you open the order form just use pending order instead of market execution. then pick the pending order type limit or stop.


Do you leave positions opened during weekend ?

I will upload an EA base on this strategy soon.
It trades automatically with different options for S/L, T/P, T/S, Money Management and so on.

But it does not set pending orders.
It trade on real time when the range breaks.

Every one may customize this strategy, specially in s/l point.

The base of this strategy is nice for those traders who have not enough time for looking at chart every minute.
The final result will be reasonable even by default T/P and S/L.

If anyone have sufficient time, he may look at chart and decrease looses.
Specially during important news and wild market.

Looking forward to it Melodica! Not sure in which phase your ea is, but did you do any significant back testing?


This is a fully mechanical system and we leave positions till T/P or S/l.

An educable strategy must be simple with distinct rules.
With these rules your trades should be like mine.

Although every one may add some other rules to optimize system.

What is it if it’s not an Expert Advisor?

I thought the person was simply questioning the label of “expert” on an EA, but I could be wrong.