Simple Key Trading Method with TDI and buysell button3 ea

i’d like to share this, not to make business or make some benefits of what others may say it here in the reply post. look in cryptocraft site post by nedal at his 23rd #post449. start learning the simple key trading method. master it. you can download the best indicators for free coz its really amazing like others do amazing results.

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You should realise that Forum rules which prevent posting links at your stage of membership are provided for he benefit and protection of members. In addition, as members, we adhere to and respect and agree with those rules.

By evading Forum rules you are saying that you don’t care about members’ welfare or protection or preferences, just as long as you can benefit.

Its not a good way to show your business ethics and that you’re someone trustworthy to deal with.

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thank you for taking time replying the post.
yes, I am aware of the rules.

what is the difference if you say pls visit me in my ‘discord’ without including link?
or writing the reference of the address same as ‘discord’ without including a link?

if you define link, it is clickable and will direct you to somewhere else.
that’s my understanding of the rules.

now the question is, is there any link clickable in my post?
and further more, this is not the way for business. i’m not transacting business here instead showing of what is valuable in trading.

The difference is that what you have done is against the rules. So how can anyone have any dealings with a person who breaks the rules just whenever it suits them so that they can take some advantage? Why would anyone trust what you have to say?

Clearly, you’re here to help yourself, not to help anyone else.

a e i o u. ok. for your rest in peace. i mean for your peace of mind so you can rest. i will remove ok. oh my goulay human creature. thank you.

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