Simple Moving Average Crossover Ea request

[B][I]Hello ,

I’m looking everywhere but I couldnt find it.

Strategy Method; Simple Crossover Buy / Sell And Buy Close / Sell Close Eur usd H1 5 Day Moving Average Linear Weighted - Close And 9 Day Moving Average Simple - Close .

I do not want filter stop tp etc … Only Cross Moving Average strategy,

I Can Do it Lot and Moving Average Day Setting.



You have lots to learn bro. Lots!

And I would add coding to the top of the list. Compared to the art of speculating, coding is relatively simple.

Hi, I am in this same position right now.

How did you solve this, I mean how did you figure out how to exit the position. Coding it is not the challenge but the optimal exit strategy. I know the worse case scenario is to exit when the MA crosses over again but that will reduce the profit.