Simple Price Action

I intend to post my trades here to create a journal to help review and manage trading
I plan to post trades as I take them live,
Any input/advice from others welcome, please keep to Price Action as my evolving method employs the study of Price Action alone with Trend Lines, Horizontal Zones, Channels, Candlesticks, Support and Resistance lines, Trend Bias LT & ST

Here the first trade setup
Short AUD NZD entry 1.1808 target 1.1754, stop 1.1837

LTB and STB down, Pulback to SRZ and broken below - closed out of low of SRZ
tried to attach image - struggling with that at present

entry around 1.5 pips below last candle low
last candle closed as small bear candle
possible difficult area is 1.18 RN other than that if it breaks RN will likely go to at least next low and second target probable

RR 1 . 2 approx.

Entry cancelled - never triggered and price has now moved back into SRZ and testing Horizontal resistance
wait to see what price does from here before opening a short position. Want to see a strong bear candle with strong bear close now before entry order as want evidence of strength from bears to show they are controlling the market (could be the RN provided Resistance which was sufficiently strong to halt the present trend)

aud nzd - bears have shown sufficient strength and closed out of low of SRZ - again only possible problem is RN 1.18 other than that should be clear run fro 1.1 RR and possibly 1.2 RR
entry reinitiated at 1.1805
target 1.1752-1.174
stop 1.1835

ok the trade would have worked ok except for that FXCM kindly increased their spread to around 45 pips at 10.02pm last night and around 33 pips sometime around 5am this morning so my stop got taken out due to the widening (they say to do with their liquidity providers though I am not so sure I believe it)

This resulted in a loss even though the trade looks like it worked to at least obtain Break Even
had the trade stayed in it would now be at BE on auto stop move
should have mentioned I am trading the 1 hr TF

image of trade
still cant get it to work - doesn’t seem to upload
I must be doing something wrong


Your post count is low, hence image upload not working. Should work soon as you continue to post.


ok thanks for explaining Dudest - this is my first time doing this so didn’t know how it works

2nd trade

GBP CHF short

entry 1.4393
stop 1.4432
target 1.4352

1.1 RR

LTB & STB bearish
Price pushed twice into SRZ and rejected with a tail out of top of zone
second rejection too large bearish engulfing and not enough room to make good so waited for better setup and rewarded with Pin off RN closing just out of SRZ again, clear move for price to get to 1.4374 (lock BE)
then target just before next SRZ

looks like a valid trade with a possible bull trap at top of SRZ (not precise but should be strong enough) with nothing in its way to at least get BE

hourly again
entry triggered at around 18.33

stopped out for loss - PA worked, Price went to test the initial resistance area but missed my breakeven stop move by a few pips and reversed so ended up losing my risk

Lets see how the next one goes

in hindsight the quality of this trade was questionable, first resistance didn’t allow for 1.1 that should have given me a significant clue as to validity and potential, oh well, noted for next time

trade 3
eur nzd
entry 1.6747
stop 1.6692
target 1.6812 be aware of RN 1.6

RR 1… 1.2
entry triggered

stopped out close to breakeven - auto stop move, price never made it to the next main SR level, hit a resistance prior. Price still banding around in the same range and was within 1 or 2 pips of being stopped out for full loss earlier today. fortunately didnt happen

BE result ok, better than a loss


chf jpy
entry 104.95
target 104.64
stop 105.283

1 hr chart

[[U]B]Note to thread [/B][/U]

Methodology adapted
my system I was working with before was extremely reliable however I have made some adjustments and simplification which appears to be working at present. I intend to continue with the modified method however if the adjustments prove unsuccessful I will simply revert back to my original method after 40-50 trades

Now heavily focused on each candle rather than groups of many candles

on further review and analysis I have reverted back to my original method, whilst the new method works approx. 60/65% win rate I cannot get comfortable with the loss level . despite some wins using this and some losses , my original method seems more robust and delivers better results.
Lesson learned… Stick to original methodology, only adapt if major problem in results

buy 78.27
target 78.54


rr 1.1

already triggered


stopped out Breakeven (1.5 pips+) missed 1.1 target by 8 pips and auto breakeven stop moved

buy gbp nzd

open 1.90392
stop 1.8992
target 1.90956
entry triggered

Good trade, worked

Entry 1.46771
stop 1.47173
target 1.46121

1.6 RR

triggered about 7 minutes ago
1 hour

Full loss - news ? - most pairs had volatile erratic movement probably down to US news releases midday


took a short NZD jpy hourly chart
trade would have worked and stop held ok by a few pips but I closed out manually early just before BE due to Non farm news and associated risk
if I had left would have been in 1.1 RR profit by now with a locked in stop at breakeven

instead took minor loss. never mind try again if another opportunity presents itself now though doubtful considering time of day


entry 1.37978
stop 1.38198
limit 1.37568

entered 10.19 gmt

worked perfectly though my trade got stopped out at approx. 1.1 rr due to stop on auto move as it moved into positive ground, shame could have got the target and over a pip or two, still the most important factor is that it worked, analysis correct and outcome predictable

Trade 10
Eur usd long
entry 1.32665
stop 1.32330
target 1.32952

triggered 09.06gmt

I am out of trade with 0.65 Reward
Price went to 1.32951 on my chart and reacted
stop moved auto to breakeven and then tightened further to lock in some profit after reaction at my expected target area…missed by 0.00001 pip ??