Simple signals with simple results

What to expect from the signals?

  1. Max. 4 trades per week. Quality over quantity.
  2. RR-ratio: At least positive 2.

During the signals I will advice to either close the trade completely or to leave a partial open for more potential profit. TP levels can change, so keep your notifications on at always! Never forget to use solid risk management. If you need risk management advice for my signals, I can give examples.

Sell CHFJPY at 133.900.
SL: 134.335
TP1: 132.855
TP2: 130.800

First day of the month and trading week. Manage your risk well.

The first signal of the week. Max. three more to go.

I’ve just set a buy order on this one…

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May the best trader win lol :handshake:
Higher timeframe is in an uptrend. So I can understand why you are buying. However I think it will reverse on the D1 and lower timeframes.

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How long have you been trading?

Actually I would have been long last Thursday morning if the pull-back had not been quite so deep. Or perhaps not as I was already heavily short JPY on other positions - can’t be bitter about missing this one as the others ended well. Right now its hard to see CHF being weaker then JPY but these things do happen - this is a weak JPY pair.

Trail your SL to 134.080

About 3-4 years.

USDJPY might have topped as well. When we get a higher timeframe confirmation for a sell, then it can become heavy bearish.

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It might. I have a buy order for this pair already set, based on Friday’s high. Although I have this ranked as the most bullish JPY pair (actually the most bullish pair of the top 28) price has climbed so dramatically since early March that a consolidation at least must be expected soon.

As you can see I’m only going for the undramatic high probability stuff.

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Trading with the trend is always easier than catching reversal. Good stuff. I can see you are trading it as a real business.

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My big problem is the long-term trades are slow. Often in the past I have got impatient and drawn capital away for faster trading - it never worked well. I think I’m over it now.

The right trading style is so much more important than the right candlestick entry pattern or the right MA periods.

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So long term trading does not fit your personality and you prefer to have quick results, just like me. However you find it more difficult to do short term trading. Am I correct?

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The long-term is better suited to me, but I have to work hard to control my impatience. When I control my impatience, the long-term makes more profit, it just takes longer.

You already have a clear image about your personal weakness. Good. Now you just need to program your brain and habits into seeing long term as breathing air. You already have proof that it works.

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Put it on BE.

The trade is still open. There are TP levels in the chart as well.

Close 80% of the trade. RR is now 1:2 and the day will end soon.
+/-80 pips taken.

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Buy EURNZD at 1.63520
SL: 1.63330
TP: 1.65345

As this was a tight SL, I realise your SL can be hit or not hit depending on the broker. If you are still in this trade, put it on BE now.

Will be counted as SL.