Simple signals with simple results

EURAUD - Sell at 1.50320 now
SL: 1.50530
TP: 1.49840

SL hit 21 pips.

AUDUSD - Sell 0.69660
SL: 0.69800
TP: 0.69100

Trail SL to 0.69730.

Put your SL on BE.

It hit BE. CPI might be the catalyst the market is waiting for.

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CHFJPY second TP has been hit: 310 pips.

CHFJPY sell now 130.900.
SL: 131.100
TP1: 130.430
TP2: 129.900 → I am expecting this to not get hit, unless price really wants to go much lower. Price could give a good retracement before hitting this level. Let’s see.

The 20 pip SL has been hit.
This is the third trade of the week. One more allowed.
Pip result of this week till now: -21+0+310-20= 269 pips.

Closed this week with 269 pips :v:

New week has begun! Signals will come.

EURNZD - Sell 1.64837
SL: 1.65180
TP: 1.63728

SL hit 34 pips.

USDJPY sell 128.650
SL: 128.880
TP: 127.520

Put it on BE.

Close 80% of your trade now at 127.900.
TP 75 pips.

Second TP 113 pips hit.

Weekly result in pips: -34+75+113=154 pips

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It seems my focus will be more on the JPY pairs for the coming week(s). The pippotential is high!

USDJPY sell now 127.715
SL: 128.070
TP: 126.951 ( initial TP, but we will target lower prices )