Simple signals with simple results

EURNZD - Sell 1.64837
SL: 1.65180
TP: 1.63728

SL hit 34 pips.

USDJPY sell 128.650
SL: 128.880
TP: 127.520

Put it on BE.

Close 80% of your trade now at 127.900.
TP 75 pips.

Second TP 113 pips hit.

Weekly result in pips: -34+75+113=154 pips

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It seems my focus will be more on the JPY pairs for the coming week(s). The pippotential is high!

USDJPY sell now 127.715
SL: 128.070
TP: 126.951 ( initial TP, but we will target lower prices )

Put it on BE.


EURJPY sell at 136.364

SL: 136.672
TP: 134.610

30 pips SL hit.

Hi, do you give free signals?

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Hi, for now yes. Are you looking for signals?


Yes, I’m looking for signals

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Also along for the ride.

We will buy EURUSD now at 1.07000

SL: 1.06880
TP: 1.07485

12 pips SL hit

Guys I am not allowed to post links in this group. Feel free to PM me, if you have questions about it.