Simple signals with simple results

Result of the week

  1. EURUSD: 66 pips, 100 pips and BE.
  2. GBPUSD: BE.

A nice week it was.

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From this week I will post results in stead of signals. If you want signals, let me know!

EURUSD sell today.
Already took some partials.


New York

This was yesterday after FOMC.

4 trades this week. You can calculate the amount of pips :wink:

Was sick in the past 2 weeks or so. Had to take a break. I am back. I did one trade last week, which was a loss. So I closed that week in a loss.

The dollar has been consolidating a lot. Not the typical environment where I want to trade in.

I do not want to teach, but I have been asked to teach. I came up with something for you to study what I studied. Feel free to hit me up if interested. The more the merrier, so you have a study buddy.

Bought USDCHF today in Ny! TP hit at 0.96100

USDCHF analysis for this week :thinking:

41 pips booked this London.

Still following this analysis.

What a day.


The Ny session is easier than the London session!

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