Simple trading system that Uses both fundamental and technical analysis

Quite a number of my friends have been asking me to teach them to trade after seeing my success. Im sure many of you have experienced that too. So to make things easier I created a short series of videos to show them how I traded. In my free time I’ve refined it a little and I’ve added onto udemy so that more people can hopefully benefit from it since the videos are already made. Since babypips was the place I learnt to trade long long ago when i first started, I thought that I’ll share this here and hopefully some beginners can find this useful. If many of you find udemy inconvenient, do let me know and I might host it on youtube instead.

The videos were created with complete beginners in mind, but for those of you that are already trading, you can just skip to the main bits where i share about my trading style. Of course the way I actually is more complicated than this, but here I’ve simplified it into a checklist as I found that it helped my friends learn faster and stay more disciplined.

The videos are hosted on Udemy, but they will remain free. Here’s the link.
-Edit- i cant post the link yet since I havent posted enough posts. If you guys are interested just PM me and i’ll send it to you instead


Hi Man do you still have the link to the videos?

In fact, the market does not stand still and its dynamics sometimes simply amazes, which is why such approaches can help save time and money (as in any business).
On the other hand, you need to try everything, only after that you can draw certain conclusions.

Well, as practice has shown, universal systems do not give positive results. Why not? Because each asset is almost a separate universe, and each asset has its own individual features that each strategy can not recognize.

In general, to come up with something universal is quite difficult, one can even say that for trading a universal strategy that would suit any situation is impossible.

The market is ever dynamic, there are too many changing factors. It is impossible to devise a timeless strategy. Regular analysis of the market is the only way to prevent losses.

Newbie here 🤦 stupid question but how do I PM you to get the link. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How do I PM you to get it Sir?

Please, I need the link of the video. Thanks.

This is a post from 2016. His last seen is from 2016. I found someone by the name of Thomas White on Udemy but no way to prove it’s the same person.