Sir Scam-A-Lot's Victim

i’m a member of for a month and visit this site every day, and pretty new with Forex…, i learn and learn…but finally i lazy…i think im going to trade forex with without learning with babypips anymore… but hold on i found the banner of the header of i think it can help me figure out the trade…i click the banner. TIK!.. foolish
now im going to take back my course from babypips till graduate i think many pp ever meet this situation like me sorry for poor English…:smiley:

thank you Sir Scam-A-Lot…

Sir Scam-A-Lot’s Victim

Who are “pp”? :slight_smile:
We are born to learn, If you look in the very general picture, you will find that you learn something new every time. It’s non-stopable knowledge. That’s why you need to check BabyPips so often to refresh your knowledge :wink:

Very glad you like Babypips! and very glad you share with us here. Enjoy!

HAHAHAHA! Yet another victim. :smiley: