Site problem - not sure?

Hello, and thanks again for the wonderful site.

Are you aware of any problems on the site at the moment - particularly the forums?

I have been getting a lot of those ‘page not found’ error messages when posting new messages and have pretty much had to retype all my latest posts because when I submit the post I get one of these errors and then when I go back I have to either retype the message and hope that it goes through or any changes that I have made get lost. I am finding that I also have to refresh the pages quite often.

There seems to be a speed problem i.e. things will ‘fly’ for a few minutes but then ‘crawl’ along after that.

I’m not saying that it IS the site - but I have contacted my service provider and they are pretty useless and keep telling me that there is no problem with the (my) line (not that I’m convinced but I thought I check with you first before I go back and scream at them - they don’t like that you know).

For what it’s worth - this started happening on Friday.

Other .com sites SEEM to be OK - not sure.



I have been having the same problems, a lot of blank pages.

I click refresh and it is there within 1 second. Maybe need more bandwidth? Put up a donation button and let us help :wink:

no need for a donation button… just give them a 50 page (ad) views a day and click on a couple advertisements. : )