Skill the most important in forex

do you think that skill is the important thing to have here in forex trading. ?

Could you, ahem, elaborate?

Why are you here Fiona? The threads and questions you ask make no sense what so ever. Do you seek knowledge or you trying to dispense it?

That would make a good thread haha

My next thread will be: Is forex related to currencies? What do you think?


Funny :slight_smile:

This - exactly.

It’s beyond a joke, guys.

Just take a look at [B]the list of threads[/B] she’s started. Not to mention the 100 other meaningless, trite, purposeless posts she’s made.

Very many of us increasingly feel that this nonsense is gradually but inexorably taking over the forum.

No other forum would tolerate this.

It’s just a great shame for this forum that nobody will actually [B][U]do[/U][/B] anything about it.

This, and all the self-promotional nonsense tolerated here but in no other forum, are inevitably what collectively determine and impose the forum’s entire culture, tone and content, not to mention its traffic, continuity and ultimately its longer-term prospects.

But - strangely? - only the members seems to care - not the forum’s staff. :28:

what is currencies? can you ellaborate? i thought were trading pips up and pips down here :smiley:

[QUOTE=“fionacastro;758649”]do you think that skill is the important thing to have here in forex trading. ?[/QUOTE]

I think here that skill important is the thing forex trading to have here in

And yet another perplexing BabyPips issue is smoothly resolved with a succinct, pithy, single-sentence observation of devastating insight.

Sorry, but the whole thread is just beyond ridiculous. Probably time for me to leave this forum again, I think.

You know, Lexy, I think it is called ‘forum fatigue’… it is like ‘Facebook fatigue’, when you

overdose on all the nonsense that goes on in Facebook and decide to leave for a while…

I think that for people who trade from home it is nice to share info/ideas with other like-minded

traders on BabyPips… Therein lies the key: ‘like-minded’… It takes a while to find those people,

and once you do, you tend to stick to them…

Some people that were ‘like-minded’ toward me have sadly all but left, and I think it is not

BabyPips that is the problem but rather the relentless volume of threads that come up,

drowning all good threads to the bottom… Perhaps some major threads, like the COT thread

(by ForExchange), or the Volume thread (by Emerald), or the Finding Consistency thread

(by PipNRoll), should be ‘stickied’/pinned up at the top, to avoid valuable content getting

lost in the more generic kind of threads - threads like this one by FionaCastro.

I must say, when experiencing ‘forum fatigue’, I do think: 'I am the problem, not the

site’… It is easy to ‘diss’ the newbie questions, the endless repetition of 'how to be

successful in forex’ thread posts, and so on; then I think it is cynical and rude of me

to protest, like a sad Don Quixote, fighting a useless battle against windmills…

So I better get back on my donkey and trail the lonely road of the position trader,

and let the wannabe millionaires post away to their hearts’ content :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Not quite the same as you, but that’s not surprising because you’re much more interactive and socially aware than I am (and this is - partly - a “social” situation, I think, in that people chat here?), probably mostly because I’m so Aspergerish. Anyway, thank you for your post.

This part is my main contention: the chasm between the forum’s stated policies and the way they’re (un)enforced is effectively driving away many of the longstanding members who “contribute stuff”, while retaining the spammers, self-promoters, time-wasters, non-contributors and trolls - a situation which (as we’ve seen) becomes self-perpetuating if left uncorrected for long.

Perhaps so. Well, I try (perhaps not always successfully) not to be rude. Or at least, being rude isn’t the motivation for my posting about such issues.

It seems to me that forum administrators and moderators (and I’ve been both, myself, for quite a few years, and do therefore have [I]some[/I] insight and experience of their situations, albeit in a context entirely unrelated to trading) are quick to imagine that comparatively straightforward issues are terribly complicated, that everything’s a “grey area”, and that these situations are much more difficult to deal with than is apparent. I don’t agree with that perspective, and my contention is that in the case of trading forums, in particular, that’s actually been very well demonstrated and proven elsewhere, where the traffic, membership and participation are flourishing rather than declining.

However, it must be admitted (and regularly is, by me) that I’m far from the most “well-suited to forums” member here, myself, anyway. So that’s what I think, but I’m the first to acknowledge that it’s far from clear whether it adds anything much worthwhile to the conversation, or achieves anything, really. :8:

Actually, I have always thought that you are [I]extremely [/I]well-suited to forums! :slight_smile:

I would classify you as the forum’s top surgeon: You wield a sharp scalpel and are not afraid to use it, and you make a clear incision right around the boundaries of the healthy, the valuable and the essential.

I guess, by its definition, this site will attract a lot of the inexperienced, and a fair quota of those that feed on them, but I like to try and remember that behind each newcomer there is a real person that is looking for real assistance.

What bothers me more than the constant influx of newbies all with the same basic questions, is the fact that they all disappear just as quickly! Do they all bust their accounts? Get bored? Move on to other things? There seems an incredible flow of people through this forum…

Hello Lexy and Manxx,

you both make some very good points…

Yes, the flow of people is quite incredible… You almost wish you could track what happened to them after their time on Babypips, but there is a name for that (that is, stalking!) :slight_smile:

As you said, the endless repetition of the same questions is what stops longer-term users from assisting, because for all the time they put in the answers, those threads will disappear to the bottom,which means that the next round of users will not see them (and would rather post a new thread than use the Search function).

Some sites have algorithms or mechanical systems on their forums that recognise attempts to post new threads that cover questions that have already been asked, and kindly force the users to engage with the search function within the site… I think that this would be a way to both reduce the thread numbers as well as to enhance the value of existing, long-term threads…

I appreciate that not many people would want to wade through a 300-page thread, for example, to find the answer that they sought, however they could post within that existing thread and save the community from paralysis by multiplication…

Think this: if you drained the longer-term users of the will to assist, due to the same number of questions constantly popping up as new threads, how would the newbies benefit from the experience of those very long-term forum members to whom they wished to ask for help? Is that not counterproductive, ultimately?

Well trading is just any type of sport. Losing money is what makes it really really tough.

If there’s anything traders need to master above all else, it’s their own freaking greed and egos.

Excessive lot-sizing on a trade is caused by greed and ego.
Closing a trade too quickly is caused by greed and ego.
Moving the SL closer then getting hit is caused by greed and ego.
Not putting an SL is caused by greed and ego.
The endless search for a holy grail trading system is caused by greed and ego.

I agree that skill is the most important thing to have to make money from forex market. You can earn in several ways but you need skill for this. You have to spend time at charts not to make money but to learn how to make money.

Of course with skill we win from market just waiting for a good time is nothing until we do not had a good trading skill , that helps to manage trading according to the market situation. Skill is valuable to gain success in forex market without skill we do work just on estimations .

I think that she had in mind - what is the most important skill that you must obtain in forex trading ?
If it is that , I think that it is patience.

LOL, hahaha, made my day, thx.

Also knowledge is important factor you need to consider on entering forex industry. It helps you create effective plans for profitable trading.