SL and TP no longer getting executed

Hi all,
Just starting out and using Practice Demo account for last 4 wks.
Problem is, after working perfectly for weeks suddenly the SL and/or TP (which I set on every trade) no longer gets executed by the broker.
I can see the SL and TP cells in the Terminal change colour when either target is reached, but the trade does not close.
Have I ticked or changed a setting by accident? Or is this something the broker/system is doing (i.e. features timing out on demo accounts??)
I had a live chat with but they just said it should be working!!
Any help would be grateful?

Welcome to the forum, A Virgil.

Have you told them that if they want to keep their customers, they’ll need to produce a better and more helpful answer than “It should be working”? (That would be my first try, here …).

Might problem on broker and not on platform, so far never facing experience like it along my trades, although leaving chart and put stop loss if likely trend market hit stop loss hence also will closed

They really should do more than tell you that it should be working.
You could reinstall your platform, in case it’s a software issue, but beyond that you should probably call them again.

I would think you should be looking to another broker. what happens if real account fails.

Being a pessimist, I am thinking that their order matching software is not working properly and that they may actually be messing your trades on purpose.


Being another pessimist, I’m afraid I’m inclined to agree. (It’s not necessarily “logical”, why they’d choose to do that on a demo account, I know, but they [I]may[/I] not differentiate, and this could just be “routine” for them. There really [U]are[/U] brokers “that bad”.)

Given how important it is to have confidence about this kind of thing and not to have to worry about it, I certainly wouldn’t be opening a [I]funded[/I] account with this broker, anyway.

Or maybe you could try other broker?

It should work as it basic MT4 features, especially on demo. Considering your expertise I suppose you click something wrong. Provide a screenshot of platform with SL or TP so we can check you are doing everything correct.

Do you work for the broker?

That’s [B]exactly[/B] what [I][U]they[/U][/I] said, according to the OP, [I]which is why everyone’s advising him to change brokers[/I]. :wink:

hello A Virgil,
you can provide a screenshot to the broker in order to check and investigate your claim (traded pair, position, SL-TP limits,etc). The “it should work” excuse cannot stand on its own. Provide them proof and wait for a reply. Since it’s a demo account, there might be an error at the configuration of the pair you are trading or sth similar (depending the trading platform).

If they don’t fix it [B]and soon[/B] I concur with others told you in this thread – change the broker. It’s a big sea with plenty of fish in it, there’s no need to stick to just one.

Hi A Virgil, which platform are you using? Perhaps you could delete it and install it again as sometimes these bugs happen. Did the support of this broker tell you only “it should work”? If they did, it seems that the support is not so good. Make sure that you entered the correct levels od SL and TP and check all the settings if you clicked on something by accident. And contact the support again until they give more sufficient answer.

Yes, I got your point! In addition, in my early stage of trading I also faced this kind of critical situation! But now I am not! I use buffering trading strategy for this problem! Do you know buffering trading strategy? If not, then I’m helping you! I just use tight SL and TP positions with few less pips, like 5-8 pips! So, if market back before touching specific support and resistant levels, I don’t suffer actually, you can follow this strategy!

Hi all,
thanks everyone for your replies; problem got fixed… just uninstalled/installed MT4 a few times and suddenly worked!
Reviewing a spreading betting platforms at the moment… tried Spreadex and CMCMarkets; any other recommendations?
Ideally looking for one that is professional, robust, short/tight spreads…
Also, are there any forex magazines one could buy (inc. online)?
Thanks all

Have you had a look at IG and LCG for UK spread-betting (two of the largest in the UK, both on the FTSE 100 Exchange)

thanks; i’m trying out LCG, and so far seems pretty good; i’m aware of ‘signals’ or ‘free signals’ available - are these any good or worth using?

Hello all, does anyone know or can advise which currancy pair generally attracts the lowest spread? I heard AUD/USD on ‘average’ has a spread of 0.7 which is quite low when comparing averages to other pairs. Thanks.

It’s simple: spreads are in inverse proportion to liquidity.

EUR/USD is usually the lowest spread, because it’s the most liquid.

GBP/USD is also very liquid and has pretty low spreads.

AUD/USD isn’t as widely traded and usually has higher spreads. And anything like GBP/NZD higher still.

The 0.7 pips you mention isn’t at all “average” for AUD/USD. It would be about average for EUR/USD, during regular trading hours.

thanks for the reply

i understand some brokers offer lower spreads if they charge commission, if so what typically are the lower spreads and commissions charged, and lastly which brokers would you suggest/recommend?

many thanks