Small Pips Help You Grow

Hi Everyone.

Sort of newbie here…So he says.

Another one of these people that have fallen for all the hype on these sales pitches and spent a couple of grand on stuff that does not work so now very very excited to find this website. AND ITS FREE - :slight_smile:

Just wondering but people say trading is difficult etc then some say its really easy, maybe a difference of opinion, however, could anyone possibly point out a system (with settings) that makes a quick say 20 pips (or less) a day trading a few times throughout that day?

I know the Cowabunga system is there and I want to look at that but anything else to get a quick few pips with a small stop loss would be awesome.

This website is awesome (not that babypips need to be told) but I also intend on being around here for years to come (hopefully).

Many Thanks to all

Jay :):cool:

Sounds like you’re after a holy grail system that doesn’t make loses. Most people have been looking for a holy grail at one time or another.

If such a system existed would any of us be here?

Trust me I know losses occur but still worth asking as there are full time traders here

No worries, let me know if you find such a system.

I think holy grail is subjective. Any experienced trader is always trying to improve but realizes that no losses is impossible. My holy grail is a system that merely makes more wins than losses and has greater wins than losses on average. Thats all it takes.

In my opinion a holy grail is a profitable system that can be defined. If a profitable system can be defined then it can be turned into a successful auto trader and we would all be rolling in money :smiley:

Yes… agreed. Forex market is very volatile & dynamic. Holy grail system is diffcult to define.

Even good auto trader need to be updated manually & regularly to make good profitable trades.

Losses are inevitable yes but I was merely getting at the case of get in and take what you can quickly like 10-20 pips and get out unlike getting in a trade and staying in for as long as possible etc. Ta

Your holy grail is your trading plan, the system is just a part of it.

You need to find your own system, trust me, i wouldnt make any difference if somebody gives you his system, because it wont work for you. The cawabunga system is a good start. I like the way it identifies trades in the bigger timeframe (4H) using MA´s.

About your question, take a look at tymen´s thread “the finest in trend trading” and garviton´s “multi timeframe trading”.

You will find very useful information there.

What is the obsession with having a small stop loss and making small pips?

It is possible to risk the same % of your account with a 50 pip stop than it is with a 5 pip stop. It is also much safer as you can set stops around logical supply/demand levels and let your trade breathe.

Just something to think about.

I do agree to some point that small pips indeed help you grow …

Best Regards,
Matt Jones

Thanks Dane.

Maybe just a newbie thing not sure.

Any further advice you could give?