Small players lose faith in crypto after sell-off

Nofe Isah, a 25-year-old based in Nigeria, has been investing in crypto since January. Last week, she lost all of her $5,000 in savings as cryptocurrency Luna went into free fall.

Isah, a recently unemployed administrative officer, vowed she would never invest in crypto again.

Who feels the same way?

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Tell me, is it worth investing in Ethereum now?

I have always viewed this whole crypto business as straight gambling. I am yet to be convinced otherwise.

The name appealing why not

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It’s worth a shot. It’s a bit of a gamble, I think.

In my opinion, there’s no doubt the world is going more digital. It’s only natural that some kind of currency will be used there. The question is: which ones?

I have not looked at crypto since i first started trading, I held a trade for a few days just after the first peak.I don’t really take notice of the herd mentality, each to their own

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I hear ya. I bought some crypto not too long ago.

It’s a long-term investment, so, I just forget about it.

I don’t check those charts.

Hope you make a profit

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Crypto market is not for the people who try to gamble or are impatient. It is important to invest in the coins that are potentially stable and safe. I love how my favourite crypto Bitcoins and Ethereum are revolutionising the world of crypto.

If you’re a new crypto trader or holder, and bought and simply held since November of last year, you’re most likely down.

But that’s not to say you can making money trading crypto like you trade forex.

It’s definite more volatile. The opportunities are there.

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Those who have been learning about cryptocurrency, now is the good time to buy. It might be a mentally difficult time for the newbies who joined crypto or bought bitcoin last year, when the price was much higher. However, not only beginners or small players, but everyone should understand that crypto will regain its price levels. Those who have stayed in the market long enough have seen enough crashes like this, and each time the new resistance level is even higher than the previous one. So keep your hopes high!

I agree that this time the crypto winter is prolonged but that does not mean we won’t see it rising again. One just needs to be patient and fight the urge to panic sell in such times.

Maybe stating the obvious,I think the appeal of Crypto is the extream s,so some actually believe anything is possible, it fantasy

I think it must be v difficult to trade crypto usimg technical analysis as it’s sentiment driven to the extreme. Plus fundamental analysis in my opinion impossible cos no funtamentals in crypto. So what r u left with? That’s why I don’t trade it.


Ehh someone not understanding the markets getting in and panicking after a fall

You can lose money in stocks too if you don´t know what youre doing. Admittedly not nearly as fast just due to the volatility but still can

FTX blowing up doesn’t do any favors for the casual investor who doesn’t follow the market on a daily basis. In the respect, the damage caused to the overall market is far greater in crypto than if something similar happened in the equities markets.

Sadly, the issue really wasn’t the fault of “crypto” per se, but centralized finance. It wasn’t an issue with the cryptocurrency, or network, or a hack. It wasn’t an issue with decentralization or a failing bridge.

But the market as a whole got a black eye or two.


I like cryptos. It is something I think is innovative and cool, though I think there needs to be more regulations for the whole market.


That’s a good point. The technology of blockchain didn’t fail. It doesn’t mean that the idea of cryptocurrency is bad or invalid. It’s a failure of the human element. Crypto still has its place in the world for sure.

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Perhaps regulation only controls the people who can’t afford to navigate around it.

It’s definitely coming. That, or an outright ban. Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but I think the powers that be would absolutely try to do it if there wasn’t already so much investment in the ecosystem.

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