Smart Money Tool

Just wondering if anyone remembers off the top of their heads where the smart money tool mentioned in ICT’s videos can be found for download, or at least which video he mentions it in.


this should be what you’re looking for. It contains the ICT smt indicator which allows you to overlay one pair on the same chart as another. Also contains some instructions on setting it all up.

ICT Profile (43.1 KB)

Thanks for the link. One further question: do I download this to MT4, or does it go to another detination?

the indicators go in your indicators folder which should be in the experts folder which you’ll find in your mt4 broker’s folder under your C: drive and then the ict template.tpl file goes in the templates folder.

Just my ‘daily joke’:

The ‘smart money tool’ is called a ‘mattress’ (right now in these markets anyway)!!! LOL!!!



I emptied that savings account a long time ago :smiley: