Sniping and Hedging

Targets = 100% per year
Method = Price Action (ScalpNHedge)
Execution = Semi Automatic EA

Start Date = 01-02-2016

January 2016:- 1%
February 2016:- 8%
March 2016:- 3%

Account Links:-

[Myfxbook real account link 1] []
[Myfxbook real account link 2] []
[Myfxbook real account link 3] []
[Myfxbook real account link 4] []
[Myfxbook real account link 5] []
[Signal Link at mql5] [Copy trades of the XharpScalper trading signal for MetaTrader 4]

Video Links:-

[Testing Bot functionality][301 Moved Permanently]
[08-02-2016 EurUsd trade] [301 Moved Permanently]

Food for thought:-
[Knowledge] [301 Moved Permanently]
[Problem of Free Will] [301 Moved Permanently]

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choppy market situation , i was able to scalp few pips , us crude stocks might have some impact on market.

huge spiked , scalped few pips.

Eur and GBP behaving adversely related.

1% pc for January.

Automating strategy we will be back in few days.

Testing EA functionality , am trading with this strategy since year and started automating this year February ea started to work.

Today we scalped EURUSD , trading with proper MM and system is such a joy no other job can do it for traders.

We have reached 7% till now this month. Which might not be very high achievement but good for monthly targets. just 3% away from target.

Friday NFP data comes good but market was very tricky :33:

WOW crazy day for eurusd , eu cuts rate and market volatility rises.

Free will can we really predict future.

March profits 3%.

Added 4 more follower accounts . :53: :51:

US data was a mess a big disappointment today :33:

I have decided to increase a speed of growth of the main account by adjusting MM.

16% this month. :57::cool:

Hypothesis that majority of retail is on wrong side is not true.

After hard-work of several years and intense research and patience results seems to be coming out good.:59: