"so easy it's ridiculous" system

HI everyone,

I’m a relatively newbie of a few months, from Wales, U.K.

  1. I have read through the school of pipsology a few times and I am trying to get to grips with the “So easy, it’s ridiculous” system but I do not understand what is meant by: “5 & 10 EMA APPLIED TO THE CLOSE” (I do understand what EMA is.) This phrase is also used in this forum in the thread “how I swing” where he says apply all signals TO THE CLOSE.
    Have I missed something? I use I.G.Index.co.uk and although their quick charts aren’t great, I am now very comfortable using them and I can include EMA’s and Stochastic signals, but how do you tell if they are linked to the “close”? or is this automatic.

  2. Does this system have less success when using lower timeframes such as 15mins, 5mins. etc.? What IS the best time frame for this system?

  3. Does anyone know if this system can be used on the London FTSE 100 Index as well as on Forex?

Thanks for your time folks.


Hi Welshy,
The moving avg. refers to the speed of the market as you know. Usually, if you click on properties or such when you open your indicators it will ask you in a separate window whether you want to apply the MA to the open, close of a each candle. It should be right there in the window that you’ve opened to that selects MA properties.
I personally use a 5 EMA and 8 SMA. It could be different for each individual user. You have adjust to your trading style. There is no “right” way.
And yes, it can be used for virtually any index, fund, equity, forex, whatever.