So I finally figured out that there is no holy grail... now what?

Any advice? I’ve passed the stage of jumping from system to system trying to find what works. What happens when you realize that no mattter what combination of indicators and strategies you throw together you won’t find a magican system? What are the things that makes a person a successful trader once that is realized?

I don’t mean to sound condecending or pompus at all, but please only traders who have been profitable for 2+ years answer. What advice would you give to someone in my position?

Now you take what you’ve learned from all those different systems you’ve played with (hopefully that’s a fair amount) and figure out what sorts of things make sense for you. When you have that you can start focusing more specifically and developing something which suits your particular style.

ive only been trading for about a month and demo at that so you can discount my opinion if you like, but i believe its down to psychological control and money management.

Yes Virginia, there is a Holy Grail.

It’s nothing anyone can sell to you or even give you in a book or computer program. As the other poster suggested, the true Holy Grail is created by you for you. It fits your personality like a glove. Start with creating a trading plan for yourself. Trade it, improve it, trade it, improve it, repeat as necessary.

Hi Dominoe239,

All the advices mentionned above are very important.

First, you have to be interested in forex business. Don’t even think the money first. You have to create a simple strategy that fits your personnality (agressive or conservative trader / day to day trading or position trading).

I am a day to day trading and full time since almost 5 years. My 2 first years, I was studied very hard, read the forum ( forexfactory, babypips and etc.)
At my third year of trading I had blew 3 time my account. Then I stopped trading live and I decided to create a simple strategy that I can read the market. I spent a lot of time on Fxbootcamp theory and Cowabunga system.
At the mid of my fourth year of trading I realized that my trading became more positive until now with the theories of Fxbootcamp and Cowabunga system.

You can choose one straregy in the internet that you like and try to twist until it fits your personnality.

God bless you

The above comments have one good point in common;

You need to have a hand in making a system that works for YOU. You’ll realize that customized system is the one that you are most comfortable with and if you trust yourself, it can and will be successful.

I’ve tried many many systems around forums and what I’ve seen online. It’s only since I put different ideas together and tweaked them to work that I’ve now found something that works for me. It’s different from the way others trade, but that’s why it works for me.

Good advice, thanks for the answers all!