Software for Cowabunga System

I have just finished the school and want to practice implementing a system and executing trades in a demo account.No better way to do this than the Cowabunga system!Bigpippin uses XTick but your demo account only lasts for 8 days and when I try to create a chart of the GBPUSD it comes up blank.This is despite the fact that other pairs show up perfectly.My question is does anyone know of any software that allows you to create 4 hour chart and look at the historical market data for the last 2 or 3 mths??Metatrader loses its place in time when you tab between time charts and FXCM doesnt have a 4hr chart option.I know I could use FXCM wirh charts from a website biut that is a bit messy!Thanks for any replies:)

I mostly use MT4 for all the different systems I have found here and other sites. It seems that it is the standard for free software. (And when you are just starting, you can’t beat free!) I like the fact that MT4 will e-mail you alerts when you get a signal. However, I also use VT Trader every once in a while. I have the James system running on it. Just seems like it’s easier for me to read the charts at this point, but once I get more experience with MT4, I will probably phase VT Trader out.

Here is the link for VT Trader, they also offer a free account.

Download VT Trader Forex Software – Trading Software - CMS Forex

In terms of historical data, I do use MT4 only.

Good luck and much success!

Thanks pimpinpips!