Solana meme coins, just hype or a new trend in crypto?

So might have seen the recent surge in the popularity of meme coins and celeb tokens, do you think this will continue in the same with different coins?
There is a chance now that a lot more famous people will be drawn to Solana meme coin creation, would you consider early investment in those?

It baffles me how people can still believe in this stuff making them rich :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, and I did. I now hold around 40 different coins that I refer to as the Shootcoin portfolio and a far lesser value of only Solana network based meme coins I refer to as Meme Coin Sniper portfolio. The latter is less than a twentieth of the former, and together they form 20% of my crypto portfolio. A fascinating pastime for me. :rofl:
Note: In creating the strategy and planning for both these portfolios, I accept that the worst case scenario will be a total loss of funds (100% losses) of these ring-fenced funds. I have been trading crypto since 2020.

Well it sure sounds like you know your way around Crypto trading, unlike me who ended up on a bit of loss eventually :sweat_smile:

did you look at the Babypips Learn Forex training that I just completed. The entire course is 10 hours. I think it is a good basis on which to revisit crypto. Why settle for 1% volatility in Forex with a 50:1 margin when you can experience a 50% volatility in crypto with no margin?

Meme coins sound stupid but they make sense. It’s easy for retail to understand. It’s attractive like a lottery ticket. People will spend thousands to buy cloth with letters on it. Why wouldn’t they spend 1000s to buy popular memes. It’s a way to invest in culture.

I don’t personally own any. When I purchased my crypto I thought meme coins had no value. If I could go back I would of bought Doge and Pepe. Still tempeted to throw a little in Pepe

Yeah me too, I was shocked when I saw the potential they had, not even for a second did I think they will grow so popular.

They are very risky, but in the last few years they have slowly became a bit of theme in the market, so they have a lot of potential but big time investment is madness if you ask me.

Hmmm I don’t know to be honest, can’t get into it full time, I’ll have to leave a few things aside if I were to do that.

Yeah, exactly. Who knows how much bigger they are going to get and what new upcoming network is going to be the platforms for some new ones?
The potential is very huge if you ask me.

Yes, and there is so many of them, it can actually be confusing sometimes which one to go with, I have stopped trying for a week now and the market is unpredictable.

Same here, I’m always late on the coins and by the time I join in the rush is over and I end up with losses, very frustrating.

That’s quite a mix of crypto coins! Good luck with your investments!

FOMO is real! :grin:

Yeah, tell me about it, FOMO = the worst thing ever.