Solidecn review; spreads and trading conditions

Who here trades with solidecn, I want to know about the spreads. Are they tight and do they work for news trading effectively? How are the trading conditions too. A friend recommended the broker and I want to get information about the broker from other people


Hmmm. :thinking: I don’t trade with them personally and I’m trying to look up some reviews here on the forums but I can’t seem to find any. :open_mouth: Did you friend give any reason why they’re recommending this broker? :smiley: If you’d want to expand your choices, you might want to check the other brokers on this list. :blush:


I’d say, look for them on forexpeacearmy for review and brokersome to check conditions. Obviously the conditions are available themselves also on their own website.


You have visited the website right? I think those information are available there, you can take a look by yourself. If you are looking for reviews, I’d say go to Forexpeacearmy. If you are looking for good recommendation, I would say you should use a broker that has been operating for more than 3 or 4 years at least. I use Forexchief, more than 2 years experience now and it has been rock solid; spreads very tight. This is my personal recommendation to you.


I trade with solid ECN and I am a general trader. I do both the long term swing trading and the short term scalping. I also trade news like the CAD news and the USD news. It has tight spreads and I would recommend that you trade news with the broker
So far, I am comfortable with the execution speed and it is far faster with the VPS it provides. The VPS makes day trading and scalping also worth it. Just like your friend, I also recommend you open an account with the broker


Thanks for the answer. You did not talk about other trading conditions. I want to know about your general experience with the broker

Sorry I missed that. It has been good. At least, I have not had a reason to leave the broker since I opened an account . Support responds well. It has live chat so it guarantees 24 hours response. The MT5 has fine trading tools and the charts are also clear with professional outlook. The broker offers different account types but for the ECN account I use it offers leverage of up to 1:1000 and and zero pips. I think that’s all I have to say.

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Most brokers list their spreads on their websites. Also have a look on some review sites like here and FPA for example.

Dear Nick, May I address your questions?

Solid ECN spreads are at its minimum and starting from zero while the leverage is at its maximum which is 1:1000. The company allows all type of trading strategies, news trading and scalping are included as well.


Indeed we have topics in the popular forex forums. I suggest googling “solidecn” or “solidecn review”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear @cashisking86

Thank you for your comment.

It can hard to demonstrate the spreads when we offer +250 trading instruments. But we liked the idea. Perhaps we can add the spreads of the most popular trading instrument to our home page.

Thank you for your feedback.


Looks like you have the official solidecn representative above ! Good idea to have a presence here


Thank you @Jungletrader

I’d be glad to address your concerns and questions. Feel free to ask anything about our company or trading conditions. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear @MaxiLepage

We are glad that you liked our service. :pray:t2:

I know someone who has an account with solid and he does not complain. Yhe guy is a trading addict and solid has been his broker. My broker is also fine and that is why I am still trading with then. I also believe that solid is a reliable broker

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Dear @SosaCorrea

Thank you for leaving your feedback. :+1: :+1:

Dear @Jungletrader

I’m Zane, the CEO and Director of Solid ECN Securities. I’d be glad to address concerns and questions raised in this topic. :pray:t2:

Thank you for your feedback @MaxiLepage.

Indeed the ECN and the Standard accounts are popular these days. We look forward to hear more about your experience with us. :pray:

I have started trading there and it has been okay so far. the execution is even faster than my former broker and it does not charge extra fees like my former broker. I will take my time to see how it works over time and write my thought here later

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Dear @NicCamacho

Thank you for choosing Solid ECN as your prime broker.

We are constantly doing our best to execute our customers’ deals in a few milliseconds. The current average execution speed is 0.15 - 0.25 seconds.

Trading hours for some instruments to be changed from 13th up to 27th of March 2022
We would like to draw your attention to the trading schedule over the upcoming daylight saving time changes in the United States of America on 13th of March 2022 (Sunday) and on 27th of March 2022 (Sunday) in Europe.

Please note that trading in all trading assets, except the USDRUB and EURRUB pairs, the IBEX35 index, and the European stocks EURONEXT, LONDON LSE, and XETRA will open and close one hour earlier than usual from 13.03.2022 to 27.03.2022.

All information is intended for guidance only and is subject to change. Please, stay up to date.

We strongly recommend that our clients take this information into account when planning their trading process, as well as adjusting the settings of their trading advisors that can be affected by this update.