Solidecn scammed me out of $25,000!

Do Not use! These crooks closed my account for no reason stealing the $25,000 I had in the account. When I attempt to reach customer service through the websites customer support is never available when the other brokers i contact get back to me as soon as possible. Also these guys are not regulated at all please don’t put money into your account with these scammers


So, why did you open a live account there? And what will say @SOLIDECN member?

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You’re right, they’re not.

They say they are, but it’s a lie.

They say countless other things, too, that are complete lies. Some of those things get exposed in forums, but they just carry on regardless.

Complete crooks.

They are also the same people as “Zforex” (which they also deny!!).


Who are you, and what is the source of this claim? Did you base your post on something you dreamt?

You have posted the same content on our Trustpilot page. Please be aware that Trustpilot will remove your post as it is a lie, and you have no proof for your claim. Trustpilot does not operate like this forum and does not tolerate disruptive behavior.

Provide some screenshot, Emails copy, Trading Account History and Deposit/Withdrawal summary to support your claims.

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Dear @shanmugapradeep

This individual, who we suspect to be a troll, joined the community just a day ago and has made only one post so far.

We flagged their review on Trustpilot on Friday, February 12th. However, they have not provided any additional information. If this continues, their post will be flagged again after 7 days and subsequently deleted.

After examining the like on this post, we are confident that the same individual, who we believe to be a troll, is behind this attack.

We kindly request the Babypips forum administrator to implement measures and penalties for those who are falsely accusing others and spamming the forum.

You honestly couldn’t make it up: now the crooks are accusing the ordinary members of being “spammers”! And at the same time they’re openly admitting that they get their bad Trustpilot reviews removed. (It’s the same at ForexPeaceArmy: you can pay these corrupt sites for removing bad reviews - nasty business.)

These two, Zforex and SolidECN, are surely by common consent among the “world’s worst” top-ten brokers? You only have to look at the links posted above to understand why.

I think LQDFX and Coinexx are probably almost as bad. Unfortunately this CFD/forex world is really packed with scammers and liars at the moment.


Traders thinking of sending money to a broker should possibly first ask themselves -
What makes you so sure they are even brokers?


Since when does customer service talk like this? Much less, a CEO…

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Your claims are big. I always look ForexPeaceArmy review before investing with brokers. You sure about your claims? Do ForexPeaceArmy really takes money to remove negative reviews and do shady busniess ?

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Very big mistake, there: not a reliable source!!



ForexPeaceArmy rejecting such claims :

Obviously (they’re not going to admit it, are they?!), but if you do some more research in other places, you’ll find large numbers of reports from businesses reporting that FPA approached them with copies of terrible reviews planted there and demands for payments to remove them.

It’s actually been discussed here many times before, including by some of the victim companies.

Are you here to argue, Sanmugapradeep, or to learn? You’re great at the first but somehow never seem to manage the second.

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A fool and his money are soon parted. Due diligence with a regulated broker is common sense.



We are still awaiting your proof of the claim.

I’ve no idea whether this broker is a scam or not. But the common reason why a broker will not return capital to a client is that the client is trying to withdraw the money to a different account than the one from which they deposited the funds. This could be seen by law enforcement as money laundering, and might be seen by the regulator as evidence of inadequate regulatory compliance.

Unless a trader has a really good reason for doing this and can provide proof that the money was theirs in the first place and that they are who they say they are, they’re going to have problems.


I agree 100% with all of @tommor ’s post above apart from the first sentence.

It seems very clear from what I’ve seen both in this forum and mostly on other websites that this broker has repeatedly made some public representations about their business which have (sometimes even quite quickly and easily) been proved to be completely untrue and many others which (putting it mildly) can’t be substantiated.

Given any reasonable person’s instinctive caution when dealing with a CFD ‘broker’, that makes me, at the very least, far too strongly suspicious of them to dream of ever opening an account there (or with the other company whose address, phone number, background, place of registration, place of alleged licensing, and director they appear to share while claiming publicly to have absolutely no connection with them at all).


All of which they invite you to invest in and guarantee 100% profit. You should not trust them, they are scammers, nothing in the financial market is 100% because this market is extremely harsh and risky.
When you want to invest money, educate yourself about financial investment, if you don’t have knowledge and understanding, it’s easy for scammers to trick you.
To be honest, I have been trading for many years so I know, investing is not easy and I have failed a lot. I have learned from my own mistakes, to have a stable profit, it is a process that must be done. It takes many years of perseverance to get results

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can yo put the real name of that broker…is that the name ? cause there a a huge amount of brokers outhere steling your money …regulation is always to watchout no matter if they try to get your attention with promotions spread whatever…also if you have that amount is stupid keep that money like if they were a bank to keep your money safe!i got 1k profit and the less i can do is retire the half ,and the other to trade period…if you are profitable then you can gain money…so that is your first mistake!

This is why we need to know before we do!