Some Questions About News Trading

Hi everyone,
Firstly who actively trades news realises, What kind of results do you get?
Do you trade all important news realises or just a certain few?
Do you have a directional bias or just wait and see how the market reacts?
Sometimes some positive news comes out but the currency gets weaker, Why is this?
and how do you choose what currency to pair together to trade with, Is it as simple as using a strong weak analysis?

There was lots more questions but one of my kids asked me for something and now my minds went blank so I`ll add them when I remember them lol

Personally never found it worth while trading the news, an hour after release I find much better, that way I don’t care which way sentiment is, what the news release is, all I need to know is there’s one coming up.

Do you mean you wait till after the market is calmed down and trade any momentum left over from the news event?

Yes, basically I feel if you try to trade the news release you are gambling, it’s a 50-50 choice if you are right, it’s much better to wait for the noise to die down, plus there’s always trades out there, why try to catch a moving train, when I can wait for it to stop at my station.

My news trading strategy is: close the chart during high voltage news and comeback after 30 minutes. It really works for me, lolz.

Is that because you want to avoid the news, Or is it a strategy to trade the news?