Somebody Help Please

I was curious on what time the “daily” charts are complete. I am new to trading and don’t know what time zones the daily charts are completed and when they start again. I need to know mainly for eur/usd, gbp/usd, and usd/chf…

Using GMT time it will be at 00:00. What time zone is your broker on?

My broker is on MST.

Most data vendors and charting packages use 4pm or 5pm US Eastern (New York) time, which is generally considered the end of the trading day. There are a few which do not, though, so make sure you know the specifics of the data you’re using if it matters in your trading.

try NetDania

they have the very basic charting and indicators. best of all, its free.
The frame of the time adjusted to your computer time.
gd luk!