Someone know site like Babypips just for Stocks?

Hi guys.
I’m not quite new here and I have already finished Babypips “school” couple of times, and I wonder if any of you knows a site that can teach me how to trade stocks like Babypips teachs Forex?

Thanks a lot =]

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why do you want to trade stocks, the stock market is way way to corrupt. unless you work for one of the big banks the little guy will never get ahead trying to trade in such a corrupt market.

I’m not sure I want to trade the stocks market but I do want to know it and understand how it works - that is why I asked for some site that can teach me the stocks market.

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Stocks are not good for tech trading if your a good news trader then go for it. Or commodities might interest you.

Since when was the forex market not corrupt?

I think the big problem with stocks is that there is so much to look for that it takes a lot more work than forex. Obviously forex isn’t easy money but at least you dont have to concentrate on 200+ tickers, with forex you can concentrate on just 3 and be perfectly fine. Regardless back on the topic of the thread, I’m pretty sure I remember someone on babypips mentioning that they were running a stocks forum because they had suggested to have a stocks area here on babypips but they didnt make one so he just made it himself. I’m pretty sure its the guy who is the representative for deltastock or something like that cant remember.

Hmmm I do remember something like that.

Does a MR, Dale Patterson have something to say about this I wander?

Hi! I think you have a really good question.

Successful stock trading involves buying and holding, rather than a whole bunch of arbitrage, like on the Forex market. However, I will let you be the judge of that. Here are my favorite stock books, and I think after reading them you will have an excellent understanding of what to do for stocks:

  1. Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements (this is the main book I recommend)
  2. Warren Buffett and the Art of Stock Arbitrage (for when you DO actually need to sell)
    Both books are cut down into simple, short chapters that you can absorb a little at a time and are so easy to understand. The financial statement evaluation that Mary Buffett recommends and that Warren uses all of the time is a very simple way to go from “gambling” to actual “investing.” Much like our BabyPips school! :slight_smile:

Rita Gehman

Now I ASK you how on EARTH I managed to miss THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!!! LOL!!!


Yep. 'Tis me. Mr. Dale Paterson (with one “t” if you don’t mind)!!! LOL!!!

And THANK you GentleVelvet for “resurrecting” this thread (question) that I missed (in April it would seem).

How difficult do you want this to be (making money from trading)??? Do you want to “flounder about” in the “deep dark sea” (FOREX) or do you want to simply “get on with the job” (of making money from trading)??? If it’s the latter: I can help (FOR FREE believe it or not)!!! Yep!!! TOTALLY FREE!!!

Alright: I’m “making light of this” I know. Let’s get serious here. MOST “old timers” around here know about me, my history, my love of the business of trading, etc. It’s also well known that I’ve never made a cent trading FOREX (and my losses some years ago were “FANTASMAGORICAL”). What changed all of that??? I started to trade CFDs on the major indices, some stocks, some futures, some commodities, and, well, things are WAY different now and have been for a good while. Strange thing is: the VERY SAME technical trading systems that I LOST money with on FOREX I MAKE money with trading CFDs. Go figure. SAME trader, therefore SAME emotions and personal shortcomings, SAME “everything”, but different results. YES: one could argue that my “spectacular wipeout” taught me some VERY VERY VERY hard and life-changing lessons. That’s true. Thing is: I did a little experiment not too long ago (actually the second time around since things have “turned”). SAME result. Demo traded FOREX with the SAME technical trading systems (of COURSE at my beloved broker), SAME personality, even the SAME BROKER, and the result??? LOSSES on FOREX and profits (real) on CFDs. Alright: yes there is another argument (which I ACTUALLY DO agree with believe it or not) and that is the fact that the technical trading systems that I use (and present on my forums which is ACTUALLY what your question was about) were developed by “seasoned” equity and commodity traders who never gave FOREX a “second look” (and as a matter of fact in at least two cases FOREX, as we know it, wasn’t even available for trading to retail traders when they developed their technical trading systems). Enough said (because this ALWAYS “ends in tears” usually for me i.e. I don’t like getting “arrows in my back”)!!! LOL!!!

To answer you question directly: YES there are forums around (same as BabyPips BUT for the trading of CFDs on stocks, futures, indices, commodities, etc.). Thing is: only one that comes to mind right NOW is (to which membership is free to all LIVE AND FUNDED Deltastock clients) (and, of course, a Delta Trading account is necessary and NOT a Deltastock MetaTrader 4 account as ONLY FOREX is offered in Deltastock MetaTrader 4 unfortunately and at this time).

Bottom line (and in my ever so humble opinion): all that’s needed is a decent technical trading system, a decent broker, some discipline, and a “helping hand” when required. IT REALLY CAN be THAT SIMPLE. That’s not to say that making money in this business is EASY or does NOT have its frustrations. But it CAN be SIMPLE. I spent WAY too long trying to make it as COMPLEX as I POSSIBLY could. I know better today!!!


My apologies GentleVelvet (but you did resurrect this thread for which I’m ever so grateful) but I have to disagree with you. What YOU are talking about is having a sound knowledge and understanding of how to read and assess company financial statements and understand fundamentals. Let me tell you: I have an accounting background (auditing actually) and I CAN INDEED read company financial statements etc. (hell: I can even draw them up). Is THAT going to help me (has it helped me) as a TRADER??? Certainly not. Warren Buffet is an INVESTOR. He is NOT a TRADER. There is a VAST difference between the two (dare I say) “professions”. What’s more: part of my studies was (obviously) ECONOMICS. Has THAT helped me in ANY way to trade profitably??? Again: the answer is a definite “no”. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old Wall Street joke (or is it an “adage”): “you can have ten economists in one room and get fourteen different opinions (on the fundamentals)”!!! LOL!!! Something like that anyway.

Anyway: I’m not “selling” something here I assure you. Somebody asked a very pertinent question. I’m giving you the best answer I know of. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m (ALMOST) SURE that there are MANY successful FOREX traders out there. And I “take my hat off to them”. I honestly do. I can ONLY tell you (and help you with) stuff that I know is profitable FOR ME. And honestly: I’ve resorted to asking new Deltastock clients the question “do you REALLY care WHAT you’re trading as long as you’re making money’”??? BELIEVE IT OR NOT the answer is NOT ALWAYS “no”!!! LOL!!! I’ll never understand it. But there you have it (my “take” on the whole business).

So: if you’re happy to TRADE, have DECENT capital (and by that I mean at LEAST $2 000 USD and preferably more i.e. the more you have the more you make WHILE STILL BEING ABLE TO MANAGE RISK), are happy to grow that at around 5% - 10% per month ON AVERAGE PER ANNUM (and consider anything MORE than that a “windfall” and not the “norm”), and you’re not “hell bent” on trading FOREX, well, then, “give me a shout”. Otherwise: good luck to you (and I sincerely mean that). No matter WHAT anybody (that reads this post) decides to do (trade): I REALLY DO wish them well. I (now) don’t believe that there is ANY reason WHATSOEVER to lose money in this business. I guess it’s true: you HAVE to find what suits YOU (to trade).



And BEFORE any admins go deleting this post: THINK BACK when I asked for one “li’l ol’ forum” to be started for those interested in trading CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, futures, etc.


Mr. Paterson gave you good advice, as usual.

And just a little notice: CFD is unavailable to US residents. So, if you’re from US, forget it.

“A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.”
-Mark Twain.


MR Paterson??? LOL!!! I’ve not been called THAT in a while I’ll tell ya!!! But call me Dale please. We’re all “mates” here.

Thanks for the compliment though.

One little thing though that may be on interest to some: are you a US resident, want to trade CFDs, or still trade FOREX (urrrggghhh…) at a maximum of 200:1 leverage??? If so: give me a “shout” (my contact details are easy to find I assure you and I know if I post them here this post will get deleted).



EpoXi, did anyone answer your question?

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Lol - it’s 9 years since the question got asked so likely we’ll have to wait a little longer :slight_smile:

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Maybe in another 3 years this thread will resurface :rofl:

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Hi Dale…

I am really interested after reading your response to this question…
The techtradercentral does not exist anymore but I am really interested to learn about this.
How can I get more information from you on starting with CFD’s or can you help me?

Thank you

Investopedia is good for garnering information on stocks. So is the Motley fool.

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Yes, there are some courses available for the stock market at different websites. You can look at sites like Udemy, Ameritrade,, warrior trading, bear bull traders and courses by UCF. ,

yeah investopedia is not bad

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I have never come across any such website. I think you will have to do some research to find the one for you.

Aha. About 10 months too early though lol

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