Someone Knows this Indicator "Buy & Sell Zones"?

Hi everyone,

I am watching a video (live) where you can see inside my screenshot “Buy & Sell Zones”.

They use an indicator for this? If yes, which indicator?

Or did they add it themselves manually?

Many thanks,

I suspect they are making it up as they go along.

I don’t mean they are lying, it’s just that no indicator which can be imagined can predict the future.


Definitely not possible. You don’t predict here, aint gambling.


Hmmm. :thinking: Interesting. :open_mouth: I don’t think this is necessarily accurate but I’m also intrigued about the indicators they’re using. Seems to be no MAs, but the closest I can imagine is Fibonacci with the levels. :open_mouth:

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i dont think this is an indicator , someone has drawn over the charts i guess