Someone random person gave me money to trade - HELP PLS

Hello everyone, I have a bit of an issue and I’m hoping some of the people here will help me clarify it
I joined Intellitraders in order to get some no-deposit bonus as I have never traded before. Some guy named “Simon” pops up in the “Chat with us” window and after we talk a little he asks for my Skype and I give it to him.
On Skype he tells me to deposit and if I lose my funds he will give me my money back (refund) from his own poket, I tell him that my cards are max out already and my bank won’t let me deposit more. He says he will look into it and hook me up with some cash.

I text him on Skype something like " Hey Simon did you managed to hook me up with something?" he asks for my Skrill email and my currency. Then he SENDS me $205 and tells me to deposit it on eToro. I do that and then he asks for a screenshot of the deposit ( for the fiance departament he says ), I do that too.

After that he tells me the rules are simple. I ask him if it’s legal and he replies:

"Simon: Yes it is, like I said do NOT tell eToro its us who gave you money
Simon: Its like if it was your decision to trade you know, not so they think you were forced etc etc
Simon: 3 simple rules:

#1 Trade … Obviously hehe
#2 No withdrawals (ask me first and we will look into it)
#3 No words to eToro that you got money to trade from us."

What do I do? Do I do what he says? Is this legal? Please someone help me

205 no big deal, yes you can trade if all parties agreed, etoro has nothing to do from where you got your money (borrowed or own) , neither they should ask nor you should tell it completely irrelevant.

Yes but what disturbs me is why would he give a random guy like me with no experience in trading $205?
He says he’s getting a commision and if I win they win but I could’ve just withdraw the money…
My point is why would he take such a risk? I’m not talking just about this $205, but if he gives $205 to 10 guys and they all end up withdrawing them instead of depositing he’s in the whole for $2050

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.
Could be some money-laundering scheme using you to recycle funds for him

My free guess is: they will get some money back from etoro since etoro has this referral program where you get some money if you refer someone else.

That crossed my mind to.

It sounds like they done it before and etoro will not approve of it. I would just sent the money back and block him on skype.

Don’t fall for it, trade only for yourself. You never know with what accusations they might come back to you.

probably the guy is from the broker himself + money laundry.
nothing is free, better to be extra careful