Sources of information

So I’m trying to specialise in just trading GBP/USD so that I can fully be on top of it and not spread my trading to wide

I am after recommendations for daily sources of information that people draw upon to help in trading GBP/USD. All recommendations really appreciated


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Wise choice.
Next week on Monday, if there is a potential explosive move in the market I will post the GBPUSD weekly bias analysis. I would not advise you to trade today; I prefer Tuesday to Wednesday to catch trade from its lowest or highest point.

This is my analysis for today. Hope you will find trust in my work.

My time is 6 hours ahead of New York time

I advice to keep an eye on Dxy ( US dollar index ) and taking EURGBP can also come in handy. GBPUSD is linked to EURGBP and especially the Dxy. Dxy up = GBPUSD down. During the times when this does not happen…well that is where the secret lies in the market :wink:

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Thanks both very helpful

Hi how are the EURGBP linked to GBPUSD?

EUGBP down can indicate less strenght in EURO and more strenght in GBP. If USD goes down, then GBPUSD will rise more than EURUSD.

Agreed you need to study the relationship with it and DXY and EURGBP. It will give you a real insight into likely direction.

Try checking out economic calendar to look for incoming major impact on the currency.

yes its a good source and in my trading career from my first day of trading i have been using Fx factory economic calendar which is really informative than others in online.

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