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Hello, many traders in latam and spain used to post at fxstreet forum but next friday the forum´ll close. This was the main forex forum for traders from native spanish countries. If you open a spanish forum perhaps many traders wil move to babypips. Your spanish moderator FXWizard was very active and efficient. He could be your moderator. There aren´t many traders from our countries but if we join in the same forum we´d be a good number of traders.

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Hello Kamajafx,

Thanks for the information. We’ve discussed the idea many times over the years. I will make it a discussion topic this week and next week at our internal meetings. Thanks for making us aware of the situation over at FXstreet. Would you mind sharing a link to a recent discussion you were involved in or maybe following?



I´ve participated at forum,, i´ve posted there as jagrande69 if you want to read them. I don´t know if this answers your last question? Difficult for me to translate it.

Pipstradamus, now i understand your question: These are the links:
Greetings. Be pacient with me and my no native english.

Perfect, thanks!


Any progress?

Hello Pipstradamus. Is it possible to open a thread with a list of Forex brokers available for traders from Argentina. I’d write It on spanish language. If you Accept could you Tell me what is the section of the forum where i can open the thread?