Special IB EA

Dear Traders

I’ve construct a very special EA, a kind of EA for FX Brokers, Investors and IB agents!
In this thread i will post the results, i am testing on Demo account at True ECN broker who give’s me the same conditions as real account, leverage 1:100 ( but can work also with 1:50 ).
Important informations:

  • The EA works on all Pairs (spreads from 0.5 to 5, depend of the pair) as Basket EA on 3 different TimeFrames - M5, M15 and M30 for entries and exits, but uses Multi-TimeFrame filter for general trend directions.

  • EA not uses Scalp trades, all are swing trades and keep positions more than 20-30 minutes. sometime it closes fast if there is some big movements, sometime keeps longer period if there is no liquidity at market ( that means the execution and slipage will not affect to much in General Results).

  • EA do not open multiple orders per side, only 2 orders with same lot size on one TF ( as i mentioned it works on all pairs with 3 TF’s per pair, so maximum orders per pair and side is 6 orders with same lot size and controled MM.

  • EA uses simple SL and TP, no martingale, no increasing lot sizes and in most cases have some hedged positions but for short period. Orders are closing in positive and negative balance and never keep loosing positions more than 10-11 hours.

  • EA trades around 3000 - 4000 trades per month, for capital of 20K lot size is 0.01 standard, for capital of 200K will use 0.1 lots, for 2 millions 1 standard lot and so on… ( 3000/4000 trades X 1 standard lot = 9000/12000 USD monthly if you get IB rebates 3 USD per lot, if you get more you can count by self. ( Do never ask broker to mark up greedy spread or commission, just use your IB rebates by agreement with broker and use prime spreads and commissions!!!)

  • Margin level for Leverage of 1:100 will never come in danger level!
    Note: I Can’t share this EA, i don’t want to see it tomorrow reproduced and for sell from scammers, hence we have worked on it long period.
    Also be informed that is not for Sale!

The only way for cooperation is partnership with all interested investors with no less than 1 000 000 USD/EUR Capital! (please do not send me messages to share the EA, here i will post the true results)

Also you can choose your own broker who you trust, but i will investigate their conditions before start real!

Best Regards

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So you reckon the people that hang out here have a spare million in our back pockets.

Tell you what, if I did I won’t be looking here for finical advice.

Also if you are trading 0.01 lots per 20K and your largest loss is $70, doesn’t that equal a 700 pip move. No need to share this ea, we’ve got a pretty good idea how it works.

That’s what i am talking, please do not replay if you can’t find your interest in this thread!
If you look the statement detailed, there are several manual trades from beggining with 0.1 lots, that was just manual test before running the EA.

Thank you in Advance


Brokers consider this churning which is against their rules most of the time. The only way you could do this long term is if you worked with a shady unregulated broker.

As i said i got the same conditions as real account with Australian regulated ECN Broker. I do the forward test for them as well. I am 12 years full time trader, i was a director in brokerage company 4 years and risk manager at BackOffice. I know what you mean, but i have no free time to test with fake conditions or unregulated brokers.
Whatever ill stop this thread hence i see only negative and untrusted comments.
BTW the test is still in action.

Good day to all!

Boo Hoo. Thought one with so much experience with the be a bit tougher than that. And if there’s so much experience in the back of house (that sounds so wrong lmfao) why use a retail broker and MT4. Surely a prime broker, fixed API and c++ programming would suit your needs. I only wish I had those conditions to trade under. But one works with what one has. Add a bit make a bit. Thats as good as I can do.

for now…

Because i am trader in blood dear Bob!

Can we talk in professional level, can you ask me for example what strategy use’s this EA, how is made, what will happen if some currency fall or raise extremely, do the EA or strategy have protection RDD or else?

Thanks a lot

The only way for cooperation is partnership with all interested investors with no less than [B]1 000 000 USD/EUR[/B] Capital! (please do not send me messages to share the EA, here i will post the true results)

that’s very stunning amount to start trading with EA :), I’d like to know the current result then.

Exactly dear “Ontario”. The EA can run with minimum 20K but fixed lot size 0.01, max RDD is set to 10% risk limit, but the IB rebates are not so big to get one average salary.
Example: 4000 trades (Monthly) X 0.01 Lots = 40 Standard Lots. If you get for example 3 USD per 1 lot as IB (that’s average offer from True ECN Brokers) 40 X 3 = 120 USD monthly, and some 30% fees from profit (as the test id going now = 10% profit in 2 months for now) = 600 USD + 240 USD IB rebates = 840 USD in total for 2 months. I mean no worth with that capital. But if there is a 200 000 USD the results will be around 8400 USD , or 2 000 000 USD amount = 84 000 USD…

Please be online in this thread for closer cooperation.
Today’s results:


Dear tinojazz, you do realize that there is only ONE actually winning trade, other profits just counter the losses. The one win also makes your profit factor and average profit higher than they would probably be in real trading.
Do you really think that investors are ready to put their MILLIONS to risk, based on just one winning trade in the past??

Your “EA trades around 3000 - 4000 trades per month”, does that mean the test result is based on just one month of trading?
Show me a 99% quality backtest from 3-4 years, and if it is still profitable, I would be interested. Not impressed, oh no, just interested.

You’re misunderstanding the point of the strategy. The whole point is to take a high volume of trades that ultimately keeps the account at breakeven. The profits come from IB rebates.

Ah, that makes sense. I wonder which broker allows to do this though, isn’t that their own source of income…

Dear 5astelija,
There is always more win trades than loss trades, in trend market per separate currency pair EA makes more profit, in range market results are some like draw, only on big movements when trend is changing makes some losses, but the losses are not higher than previous winning trades. Sometimes when trend is changed with big oposite moves, it keeps the loosing positions floating, but opens hedge orders to minimize the potential loss per pair.
As Clark answered to you, the whole point in this multiple basket strategy is to makes big volume of trades recovering the broker’s spreads and comissions and to make some general profit arround 2-5% monthly. The maximum DD is set to 10 - 15% (Relative DD counting all possible opened loss positions).
I do not hide my strategy, if you need detailed explanation i will be happy to explain here in thread or private via skype.
I have no problem to give investor password, but i must be sure that will be not shared to other traders what will use CopyTrader software and use for their interest. I spend a lot of work and time to create this EA and whole strategy.
About backtesting is not possible to test in tester, hence it is basket multi-pair strategy, i’ll need to much time to test per separate pair of 27 pairs. 99.90% modeling quality is tricky, the whole history in brokers is not true (trust me i was work in risk management for brokers, i saw how MetaQuotes is changing the history almost every week :slight_smile: )
Forward test is always best!

BTW here are the today’s results:

Best Regards,

Today’s results:

2 Months Forward test
RDD 10%
Profit 15 %
Total Trades 7300
Opened trades: - 1.3%
Broker: Global Prime (Australian regulated - true ECN)
Average spreads from 0.5 - 3 pips (depend of currency pairs)
Commissions - fixed 7 AUD per round for 1 standard lot.

nice result. traded simultaneously with 27 pairs… collect more rebate along with the profit itself. those traded pairs seem similar to current basket EA I tested. perhaps you can give me some advice since I also aim to gain ‘membership’ at Basket trader alliance :slight_smile:

and perhaps these kind of EA are pretty much familiar for most member here.

Hello tinojazz,
Your EA still in good shape? Can you share the statement from myfxbook.com? Is your EA for sale? tnx in advance.

i didnt read any more comments so if someone said that already then nevermind.

your calculation show a profit of 7.2% for the entire year on your invested 20k. thats the average of a half way good savings account, so putting it into the savings account would do bettwer for you since there is no risk atached to it like it is with trading and especially trading with a EA.

and your calculation is wrong, 840 profit in 2 months on 20k investment is not 20% its 4.2%.

Did your calculation include spreads and fees? if not then id say it will even be a negative otcome when you deduct the spreads and fees.

how to download?
Pleas share to link download thanlks