Spotting a forex scam

Got this in my email this morning.

Spotting A Forex Scam

Great article. I have seen something similar but a different method is offered to see if the broker is fraudulent. This is for new traders:

How to Select your Broker

Excellent Article. Not just new traders. It’s amazing to me how much time goes into a trading method and money management to answer the “how to do trading” and so little time goes into selecting "where a trader intends to trade. Great Great article and again thanks

I agree that too many rush the process of selecting a broker. I have met mine in person, showed up unannounced to their listed address and gauged their reaction. I know very few would take this step, but to me it was worth it.

That’s also a good way Last Bear. There are many factors to bear in mind, nothing stops a company from closing its offices and disappearing into thin air in less than 24 hours (not quite the same but see what happened to MTGox). Nevertheless, showing up at the broker’s office (if possible) is a decent approach.