Spread on fxview

Hi the team,

Since yesterday, the spread on fxview change like crazy.

EURUSD 1 to 6 and 6 to 3 per second.

Is it the same on another brokers ?


There are times of the day when spreads go wild, usually around the close or open of various FX markets and their “home currencies”.

I should have clarified, it’s been like this since yesterday and all day.

There is a very big change since yesterday. I have been trading at fxview for 10 months.

They told me this

“However, the Slight increase in spreads may be caused by the current geopolitical situation.”

Ok I agree but then it should be the same for all ECN brokers…


that would be true only if “ECN brokers” were different from “counterparty brokers” in the way you imagine

but they’re not :-1:

this thread and its links explain in detail -

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