Squid Game Token Crashes; Developers Say They’ve Left the Project

It’s not something anyone wants to see, but it’s important to know that this kind of thing happens, and the liklihood of it happening again is all but guranteed.

Meme, social, sh*t coins are all perfect vessels of fraud that target new traders entering the market that don’t know the fundamental differences between established coins/projects and just pure junk.

Please do your own research. Trending on Netflix is not an indicator of quality.

On Monday, the project claimed in its official Telegram channel that its developers do not want to continue running the project due to the stress of dealing with scammers.

Does anybody believe that?

They were claiming they were endorsed by the show’s creators. It’s amazing how people fell for that blatant lie, I just don’t get how that happens.

People are always available when a quick buck is dangled in front of their eyes. But can you really blame them…

No, not really. I just wish they had a little more common sense or just used Google before investing. :frowning:

Perhaps the noobie retail crowd is just looking to engage with something they understand. Like a movie. Sounds ridiculous, but what else could it be.

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I would say, familiarity, is key here. Animals, movies, funny word connotations, breakings news topics. They all makes sense to crowds of people. But most people aren’t willing to put in the time to actually research. It’s madness.