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So I decided to keep it simple with a scalper for MT5

Let me know what you think. :57:

SSTT (62.7 KB)


Will keep you updated as to how it works out.

What settings do I use? And what timeframe does it use?

Is your report based on 150 pips SL and 75 Profit?


Also it seems I can’t use in MT4 .

For sure because it is a MT[B]5[/B] EA

Could somebody try to make something like this in MT 4???

cant even open this anyone else having problems

We need EA for MT4 plzzzzz

Uups :eek:

I want to test the EA at MT5 account. But it doesn’t exist.

Neo or somebody else can you make the EA available again.

That would be very nice. :5:

Hi guys
I am sorry to say I have taken down the actual EA for now. It really only works for MT5 and I don’t want to cause any confusion. It need to be readjusted regularly depending on the daily range of the market for the Eur not just a set and forget system you can follow its progress here
Once you have some months experience with manual trading first, as there are core concepts to trading that need to be understood first to properly setup the EA, then let me know and I’ll send it along to you.

I am not selling this system and would like to make it freely available soon, but don’t want anyone to accidentally set it wrong and damage their live account.

This is the link to the myfxbook page you can check out and my other systems.

These Values dynamically update during the day.

Hello Neo,
Thank you for your answer.
I have 2 years experience in forex trading. For some weeks I changed from 5M timeframe to 4H and 1D. The longer tf are not so choppy for manual trading.
I will send you a board mail with my email adress.

Happy trading