SSO for Login to Disqus with BabyPips o

This evening, I was trying to comment on an article in the blogs section. I understand that the comment section in the article is presented with Disqus.

When I try to log in as to comment on the article with my BabyPips credentials, I’m then directed to a page › Log In such that is not recognizing my BabyPips credentials. This is a repeatable thing. It’s happening whether or not I’m already logged in to BabyPips.

I’m not sure if the wp-login page is or is not providing everything for Disqus, as with regards to making an OAUTH transaction for the user single-signon (SSO) event?

Hello harpantech,

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, your BabyPips account can’t be used to comment in the blogs section. As you mentioned, we use Disqus to manage our comments, which currently only allows logging in with a separate Disqus, Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.

The option for Login | from the Disqus menu bar is only used by our internal staff. You will need to pick from one of the other options: Disqus, Twitter, Facebook, Google. You’ll need to have an account with the service provider you choose. Also, once you have a Disqus account, you can use that account to login into any Disqus comments section on the Internet. If another website uses Disqus, log in with the same account information.

Hope that explains it. If you have any other questions, please let me know.