Stacey Burke Trading

Hi all,

Is anyone trading using the teachings of Stacey Burke? His Youtube channel is here (I hope this link is allowed):

I have watched a ton of his videos and gone through the “Start Here” playlist many times. I have so many questions to answer for clarification though and Stacey himself never answers anything I ask.

I was hoping to connect with other people who use this method and understand properly how it all goes together IN LIVE TIME. Everything he shows is hindsight. I can easily mark off my charts the way he does in his videos and I can tell you, I have become a virtual millionaire! It’s a shame that it’s a lot harder to read the market properly when the candles are fluctuating and printing in front of your eyes. Live trading (on a demo account of course) has made me a virtual homeless man.

Anyway, if you trade this way could you please respond? I’ve scoured the internet and have found no groups at all dedicated to this (possibly for a reason I guess). I’d love to get a group of us together to help each other out.



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Hey buddy, any luck with this? I’m interested as well.

Thanks for sharing. I saw his name mentioned recently by somebody. I’ll have a watch. Thanks!

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I’ve watched a few of Stacey’s clips over the years. He has a good delivery, he talks sense, he is clearly knowledgeable. I can recommend them for general education.

But from other users who have seen more of his stuff than I have, is there anything unique about his trading style?

He is very good. Great ideas. In the end you have to have your own system. I do not think the same way, therefore cannot exactly trade like him. BUT, great ideas. Timing windows, round numbers, dead zones. Most ly trades gold but ideas work well with indexes and forex.

Stacey is indeed very knowledgable and his methods are a combination of teachings which are so closely aligned with Steve Mauro BTMM trading course it could be the same.
In essence learn what he is giving for free because once you understand the ‘template’ you have an edge.

Many traders follow the same useless patterns and get chopped by the MM who know where your STOPS are. If you want confirmation what I said, watch Steve Mauro Beat the Market Maker and also Jj@vwaptrader- both know the behind the scenes activity which takes our money

Hi MafiaDogz, my thinking exactly. Great content he has and clearly knowledgeable, but I don’t see any of him doing Live Trading, that concerns me slightly. Anyone else actually seen him trade live?

Hello, i am also diving into his youtube videos watching his playlist start here and soon going into his playlist trading tatic. How has it been going for you so far? are you still following his way of trading ?

Seeing someone trade live and analyzing their broker statement does virtually nothing for your belief in the system. Thoroughly backtesting the process for yourself is the only way to gain meaningful conviction. Fight the ignorance

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