Stacey Burke Trading

Hi all,

Is anyone trading using the teachings of Stacey Burke? His Youtube channel is here (I hope this link is allowed):

I have watched a ton of his videos and gone through the “Start Here” playlist many times. I have so many questions to answer for clarification though and Stacey himself never answers anything I ask.

I was hoping to connect with other people who use this method and understand properly how it all goes together IN LIVE TIME. Everything he shows is hindsight. I can easily mark off my charts the way he does in his videos and I can tell you, I have become a virtual millionaire! It’s a shame that it’s a lot harder to read the market properly when the candles are fluctuating and printing in front of your eyes. Live trading (on a demo account of course) has made me a virtual homeless man.

Anyway, if you trade this way could you please respond? I’ve scoured the internet and have found no groups at all dedicated to this (possibly for a reason I guess). I’d love to get a group of us together to help each other out.



Hey buddy, any luck with this? I’m interested as well.

Thanks for sharing. I saw his name mentioned recently by somebody. I’ll have a watch. Thanks!

I’ve watched a few of Stacey’s clips over the years. He has a good delivery, he talks sense, he is clearly knowledgeable. I can recommend them for general education.

But from other users who have seen more of his stuff than I have, is there anything unique about his trading style?