Starting best leverage

please am a newbie i want to start with a $100 what is the best leverage i can use

You need to understand what leverage is and how it affects your trade. Once you do, you’ll know what leverage to use. If you are asking this question, it means you cannot do live trading yet. I use Forexchief broker and they offer up to 1:1000, but once must not use it unless he needs it for a particular reason and he is able to minimize the risk with it. In simple terms, leverage increases your capacity to trade in higher volume than what you would have been able to with your actual balance.


Thanks a lot

How do you minimize your risk while using a very high leverage?

Leverage works an additional margin. It involves higher risk if you take higher leverage. Being a newbie, you should go with 200X. The reason for these heavier losses can come your way with higher leverage. There is always a risk of margin call being triggered. Therefore, leverage is a constant liability.

I agree you need to have a defined risk management strategy that you can stick to. High leverage is great when you’re winning but consecutive losses can be hard if not structured

i think the leverage you are using is much comfortable for avoiding unfortunate losses and risks , sounds well. just never use high ratio at all. it could be dangerous . happy trading.

according to me , any leverage ratio is best if you can use it , generally we fail to fix up leverage according to balance and knowledge , so we loss by means of this.

Give this a read my friend about leverage.

In my opinion, you should start with a low leverage of 1:25 and if you are successful you can increase it to 1:50 but don’t go north of 1:100.