Starting to trade

Hi, so I’ve been reading School of Pipsology part 1 for some time now, and I don’t just read it, I write it on a notebook what I think is essential to help me memorize it so if I have a question in the future, I just go to the notebook instead of your book. I’ve reached the end of the Fibonacci part and Moving Average is the next topic and I would like your advice on something. I feel like I should stop for now and materialize what I’ve learned so far, instead of finishing the whole book and then materialize everything. So I wanted to start trading with a demo account using the skills I’ve learned till now. Do you think this is a good idea or should I finish everything and then start trading?

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some demo practicing wont hurt i guess

I would definitely open a demo account and practice some of the techniques as you go. I did the same thing you’re doing, except I copied all my notes into my Google drive (Excel & Word), and I continue to add stuff.

Hands-on experience is really the only way you excel in this business. Practice, practice, practice!

…and lots of patience.

Thanks guys !!

Mix your education with a demo account.

Get a demo account going whilst you are reading for sure

demo is good but micro account is more good to ensure a real live experience.

All advice you’ve been given is valid. Personally I would advise you you to complete the course then re-do it with a demo account. So completed it twice.

i would suggest you to start demo for now and when you are done with the course start with a micro account, so you can know what real trading feels like, but keep in mind, don’t use excess leverage while testing on micro.

For sure you need some practice with the demo accounts we have there, there is no other way about it and I am not sure what people are talking about really. Are they out of their mind or what anyway ? Can we get something out of that pipsology if we want to ?