Starting with a €21,86 account

The results I have posted are not demo results that is my live account. Readers will read what we both have here and draw their own conclusions. I am not being disrespectful, trying to promote, sell or any such thing. Just showing other traders what is possible for small account holders.

Hit BE

The first sell hit SL as price retraced deeper. Selling again now.

TP. Account status: €13,39

that is true

Good luck anyway. I will be following.

Thank you.

EURUSD - sell

Hit BE.
Account status: €13,42

EURUSD reentry sell. Hit SL. Account status: €12,68

EURUSD - sell

Closed it as it is not expanding away. Account status: €13,00

GBPUSD - buy. Grabbed manual TP as I do not like the rejection just before the H4 resistance level.
Account status: €15,73

USDCAD - buy

Closed in loss. Account status: €14,25

Man, really admiring how you resisted any urge to top up the account after that last loss to €10. That must not have been easy.

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Thank you! My thoughts while trading: ‘‘The strategy has proven to me it works profitably. Any mistakes made, will be covered. A loss happened? I need to review how I influenced the strategy.’’. These things are playing in my head. Hence I do pay less attention on the amount I lose or win. Just need to follow my trading plan.

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Yea, but I don’t think many have the mental discipline to keep trading on the small account. You know, not worth the time, etc.

It’s refreshing to see you stick to your guns instead.

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Hopefully it will get to a big amount, so people with small money can know they have this opportunity as well.


Best of luck with this , it’s never easy but at least your not blowing a heap of money trying.
I’ve heard some horror stories of people blowing thousands before giving up !

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