Starting with a €21,86 account

GBPUSD - buy. Grabbed manual TP as I do not like the rejection just before the H4 resistance level.
Account status: €15,73

USDCAD - buy

Closed in loss. Account status: €14,25

Man, really admiring how you resisted any urge to top up the account after that last loss to €10. That must not have been easy.

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Thank you! My thoughts while trading: ‘‘The strategy has proven to me it works profitably. Any mistakes made, will be covered. A loss happened? I need to review how I influenced the strategy.’’. These things are playing in my head. Hence I do pay less attention on the amount I lose or win. Just need to follow my trading plan.

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Yea, but I don’t think many have the mental discipline to keep trading on the small account. You know, not worth the time, etc.

It’s refreshing to see you stick to your guns instead.

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Hopefully it will get to a big amount, so people with small money can know they have this opportunity as well.


Best of luck with this , it’s never easy but at least your not blowing a heap of money trying.
I’ve heard some horror stories of people blowing thousands before giving up !

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EURUSD - buy: liquidity below has been grabbed. Now targeting higher levels.

Exit EURUSD as it is consolidating. Account status: €15,15

EURUSD - buy before break of consolidation.

Closed, while falling. Account status: €15,92

USDCAD - sell after CAD GDP news at H4 resistance level.
Targeting at least the low of Jan. 27.

Closed in loss.
Account status: €13,55