Startup for trading our... time like stocks

I just read this article about us, people, becoming stocks. At least, kind of.

It’s a startup that came up with the idea, which is: “you go public” on the platform where you can actually sell hours of your time on the open market. One hour is seen as a “share”. You pick the starting price.

Investors make assumptions about the future value of the share, like in the real stock market. Share owners can redeem that time whenever they like.

Silly but in a way interesting. I would like to hear your thoughts on that.

An interesting name came up with an ancient profession… And what will the trade look like? I rent myself out and they give me money for something?

Nowadays, there are a lot of ideas for a startup

I am a little bit concerned about this business idea. What happens to your shares if the person dies? What is the legal binding to this idea? I can imagine this working only in the case of people whose career is growing. Otherwise, I find it rather risky, and would not invest. If you’re looking for business you would like to invest in or even buy, I suggest you to browse websites that sell ideas and businesses, such as MicroAcquire. Investing is quite tricky, that is why it is recommended to revise and analyze every option and then, to review all advantages and disadvantages. Good luck!