Steddy EA Journal

This journal is about my own EA I’ve created. It uses 3 technical indicators and trade the AUDNZD currency pair. My goal is to gain steady growth on my account over a long period of time. I’m not in this for a quick buck, because I’ve been there and it usually does not work out. So that is why I’ve created this EA to offer low Draw Down and Steady Growth.

Forward testing since 04 Sept 2015 - Steddy EA by fxinvestfund | Myfxbook

Analysis of the past 8 years is here - Steddy V1.3 Strategy | Myfxbook

Here is Steddy in action for the past 2 weeks. Executing quite a lot of trades, but never over trade. It’s real value will only be seen within a few months time, but I’m getting exited when I just look at how this EA performs!

nice R:R

Then again I too have ridiculous way to stop losses by exposing more capital. So I can’t say much.


Great stuff!

Added another EA to my portfolio - this one is for USDSEK pair and already picked up two winners today!

It has been optimized over a 5 year period with max draw down of only 8.6%! This is also a long term strategy and will compliment my Steddy EA running on AUDNZD.

Here is a video explaining the how’s and what’s about the Steddy EA - YouTube

Forward testing has started on 04 Sept 2015 for my Steddy EA -