Sterling Continues to Fall in Forex Trading

Currency trading with the U.K. poundThe sterling continues to fall in [B]forex trading[/B]. Even as the U.S. dollar weakens against the euro and the Japanese yen in currency trading, the [B]U.K. pound[/B] continues to struggle.

With economic divergence high on everyone’s mind, the sterling can’t seem to get a break. Concerns about mounting [B]U.K. debt[/B] remain in place, and there are also issues surrounding other aspects of weak British economic performance. Even an upwardly revised GDP can’t pull the sterling out of its funk.

One of the issues is that there might be an early election in the U.K. while the current government scrambles to capitalize on the GDP reading. Pressure remains on the sterling in [B]forex trading[/B], and it is difficult to see when it will ease off.

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