Steve nison candlesticks

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Someone recommended I buy Steve nisons candlesticks mega pack to learn strategies for trading and patterns. There is a package on ebay for 30 quid. Has anybody used this approach or is it overkill???

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Have you read Steve Nison’s book [I][B]Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques[/B][/I] (1991, New York Institute of Finance, 330 pages)? It’s readily available for free download on the internet.

If you haven’t read that book, you should read it. When you have finished the book, you will [I]probably[/I] know all you need to know about charting and trading with candlesticks, without spending 30 quid, and you will [I]definitely[/I] know the answer to your question above.

Just google steve nison…u will get good free material…
u can start with his book 1- candletick course & 2 japanese candlestick charting …
in advance stage u can read 'beyond candlestick" by nison…
there are some PP presentation also which are free available…google some file sharing sites…
hope its help u

I have read quite a bit of Steve Nison’s books on candlesticks. I have noticed the bearish and bullish engulfing pattern to be helpful, as it appears a lot on bottoms and tops and is frequent in trend reversals. I think Candlesticks help in price action. So if your into price action could be a benefit. Learn the basics at Babypips then try it for yourself on some charts, if in doubt! No need to learn all of the candlestick patterns as they are a lot of them. Just the basic patterns.

I learned candlestick after trading with a bunch of indicators when it should be the other way around. The candlesticks can tell you so much more than a bunch of moving average indicators…

candle stick is a menthodmof japanese . we can make profitnwith int. we must clearly about it

Put the bottle down.

Sorry to piggyback off of your thread - Is there a big difference between the 2nd edition (2001) and the 1991 first edition?

Hello Nguyen, IMHO I didn’t find any differences between two of those editions. The same candlesticks, patterns, explanations. Rephrased and that’s all.

He has a few links on YouTube which you can watch for free. 2 hour videos part 1 and 2